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Milk Makeup’s New Campaign Showcases Gender in Beauty

Milk Makeup launched in February 2016, with an 85 piece collection aimed towards “cool girls who don’t use make up brushes.” Now, they’re extending that demographic to people of all genders and sexualities. To celebrate the launch of their new Blur Stick, a primer that smooths skin and blurs pores, Milk Makeup co-founder George Greville partnered with David Yi, who founded Very Good Light, a men’s grooming and lifestyle website. Together, they started the Blur the Lines campaign, videos and photos that aim to educate and explore gender expression. Milk sat down several people of all gender expressions down to talk about what gender means to them, and how it influences their style. A video on their YouTube channel opens with, “What is gender? Who is she? Who isn’t she?” These words, spoken by model Avie Acosta, introduce the idea that gender is fluid. While sex is biological, gender is a state of mind, something someone identifies with. Gender identity changes and develops, and pits the forces of femininity and masculinity against each other to find a balance unique in each person. Eddy LeRoy Jr. says in the video, “Once you break out of what your environment has molded you to be, there is no limits as to what you can do or what you can be or who you can become.”

This campaign is extremely important. The beauty community is so often limited by gender roles and “do’s and don’t’s” that anyone who doesn’t fit the classic beauty mold is often excluded, including boys, genderless or gender fluid people. However, Milk is working to change that, showing that makeup truly is for anyone and everyone. David Yi told Highs Nobeity, a fashion and lifestyle platform, “This project is more important than ever in our current cultural climate. It’s important to showcase that there are individuals who completely own their identities outside of gender binaries, and that’s not only cool, it’s authentic to who they are. I hope that more young people start leading the way when it comes to how the government treats them. They want nothing but a more inclusive, loving world. I hope that those who villainize these men and women can see that their purview of life is definitely one that won’t stick around in 20 years. Generation Z is already becoming a driving force in culture, and they don’t share the same sentiments as the older generation.”

You can view the Blur the Lines video here, and shop all Milk Makeup here.

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