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In Case You Forgot Why Trump is So Bad, Here Are Some Reasons

xdonald-trump-hedge-fund-guys-are-getting-away-with-murder-730x548-jpg-pagespeed-ic-los1msdmbaBesides the obvious racist and sexist humour, and questionable dialogue, it appears that Trump still is managing to pull off a vicious lead in this election. Some of us can’t seem to fathom why or how, but it also seems clear that a wide range of voters are still questioning, if Trump has all these committed voters, how bad can  he really be?150807112010-debate-gfx-trump-exlarge-169

In politics, we often find ourselves stationed in a purgatory. Between candidates, or even between the idea of voting itself… but this election- the purgatory has its very own purgatory. Trump’s entire campaign at one point seemed like a shot-in-the-dark, and somehow, now it seems more legitimate than ever. He is the new face of the Republican Party, the Front-runner…  who says outrageous, inflammatory and derogatory things about women, minorities and immigrants. But this Fall, when the scandals have all simmered and things become real as ever, what will Donald Trump, the ultimate media puppet, become if he wins?

The Infamous Wall

When it comes to policy, it is safe to say that Trump has no problem reconstructing all of it. He just happens to lack a sufficient amount of substantiveness. His first, and most memorable policy was to build a gigantic wall along the US-Mexico border to keep out illegal immigrants. This was not only completely racist, but completely impractical… and insanely expensive. Not to mention, he plans to bill the Mexican Government for the cost.

Plans to Scrap Obamacare

Trump says he plans to scrap Obamacare and replace it with “something terrific.” When asked to elaborate he said: “It’ll be great.” How reassuring.

He Actually has no Political Experience? 

He has never been officially elected for anything. This means no political compromises, no political speeches… or even political briefing notes. So why on earth do people think he would make a good President? He is a self-promoter, lacking shame, and an experienced businessman. But this is Washington, not Wall Street, and getting the job done in the nation’s capital takes a little more than pit-bull persona and strong will to be the very best. Whether he likes it or not, he will have to learn how to compromise with Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate. This means a slow moving pace, and giving speeches on topics that may come of no interest to him. Things like housing for the poor, education or farming. Being in the actual Oval-Office is completely different than campaigning.

He Has Filed For Bankruptcy Protection… Four Times

The state of the US economy is what make or breaks most Presidents. In saying this, Trump happens to be a terrible financial manager. He has indeed filed for bankruptcy protection four times. He claims that those filings were strategic for business, and allowed him to grasp his own assets and make more money. Even if you buy that argument, you’re still buying into the fact that Trump manipulates the financial system for his own gain. Do we really want Donald Trump’s flimsy financial record as the overseer of the world’s biggest economy? Not to mention all the friends in high places that Trump has on Wall Street, and how they are frequently prosecuted by Washington politicians. 

He’s Morally Questionable and SO Problematic

The President of the US is supposed to be upright and moral. Believe it or Not. Society, has politically come far from the God-praising Christian, devoted family man and has been bending the line between what’s politically incorrect vs. politically correct… But the President is still supposed to be a “good guy.” Reagan wasn’t voted in to become president in 1976 because Americans had a hard time accepting that he was divorced. Not to mention what happened to Bill Clinton; having affairs inside the White House. Then there’s Trump… Whether it’s having an affair with Marla Maples, fathering a child out of wedlock, or now being accused of raping a 13 year old girl, Trump’s personal life is by far the most questionable of any candidate ever.

He Sues Everyone 

Ever heard that politics are the art of compromise? Trump hasn’t, because he literally sues everyone. This means anyone who criticises him, business related or not.  Trump famously sued comedian and political commentator Bill Maher for $5 million in 2013 after Maher jokingly offered to give $5 million to a charity if Trump could produce his birth certificate and prove that his mother had not mated with an orangutan. Apparently, Donald Trump did not find this funny. Over the years, Donald Trump has literally sued anyone, or any organisation, that has gotten in his way. He sued Palm Beach County for $100 million because they refused to redirect air-planes further away from one of Trump’s estates. He claimed in the lawsuit that air traffic was ruining the ambience near his home. Palm Beach County responded that to move the air traffic would require that the Palm Beach International Airport be relocated. How will this behaviour translate to the White House, where the president cannot launch a lawsuit every time he doesn’t get what he wants, but has to actually negotiate with people?

Should he win, Trump will loathe the next 1,460 days of his life.

Come January 20, 2017, if Trump wins he will truly be in the biggest shock of his life. Running a government is pretty different than running a private business. He would hate it so much, he would be tempted to quit before his term even ends.

Trump thinks he can run the government like he ran things on “The Apprentice”. Telling people that they are fired, much like he does on his revolving door of a campaign. When working in the federal bureaucracy, you need help from thousands of civil servants. It is known that Presidents are completely unprepared when it comes to managing the bureaucracy, and Trump will be the exact same- just worse and less patient. You can’t fire a bureaucrat on the spot. Trump will also get bored. He has an extremely short attention span, and unfortunately for him, it is the responsibility of the president to engage in the mundane (ceremonial functions), the arcane (meeting with heads of state of small nations), and the immediate (dropping everything because wildfires are destroying homes in California) every single day as president. There is really no such thing as presidential duties centred around “Making America Great Again.”

In a way I pity Donald Trump. He is so in over his head, and his enjoyable ride on the high of his primary victory is going to hit a wall- real quick. The joke is finally getting old. If he wins, he will actually have to take responsibility to a nation of millions. Deep down, he truly knows that he probably doesn’t want that. So for the first time in Donald Trump’s life, I think that he is hoping to lose.

So why is Trump so bad? Why isn’t he? Because you should never categorise a group of people based on one persons’ actions. He may in fact be a racist, he is shady, he is not all that intelligent, he’s uniformed for the position and he’s theoretically a jester. This list could go on forever. It has exacerbated enough by now that the list could ultimately never end. Most importantly, we can’t afford Trump. He is a man based on desires. Presumptuous pursuits. His impulses constantly lead him to bad investments and overspending. An American President simply cannot afford to be so impulsive.

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