Does Donald Trump Lack Elementary Manners?


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By now, you have definitely heard Donald Trump call our leaders “stupid” or “incompetent,” and I don’t know why the news has said nothing about it. They play clips and comment on his behavior daily but never do they comment on the fact that he repeatedly calls our leaders stupid.

There should be a certain level of respect shown for our leader, regardless of party affiliation. Nobody said that every citizen must agree with the president. If you don’t, that’s okay, but is it too much to just give him a little respect? He represents our country, works to serve our country, and strives to make our country a better place, so the least you could offer in return would be some common decency.

In kindergarten, when we called somebody stupid, whether it was a classmate, a teacher, or even an object, we would get in trouble. Everyone learned that it’s unacceptable and disrespectful. We got in trouble when we called a classmate stupid in kindergarten, so why don’t we hold our presidential candidates to the same standards?

I cannot use this as my only example of Donald Trump’s lack of elementary manners.

If I could have some of my reader’s time, I want to talk about Donald Trump’s wizardry: Donald Trump can make fun of a disabled reporter, and still remain only five points behind his opponent, and when I say “make fun of” a disabled reporter, I mean “mock”. He has the power to convince people that Barack Obama was both not born in the United States, and a Muslim in disguise. He gets to say he can do whatever he wants to women, even “grab them by the pussy” simply because he is famous and has the power to do so and still recover politically.

Donald Trump, in the most recent debate, said that he would “keep you in suspense” about conceding this election. Rather than analyzing this quote to death, I will talk about something that wasn’t covered by the news from the third debate that I found even more offensive than the aforementioned comment.

Trump has identified himself throughout his campaign as the “law and order candidate.” You’d think, just like I do, that the law and order candidate would know about law and order, right? Wrong. If he knew about law and order as he claims to, he would know that everybody is innocent until proven guilty. At the debate, Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run for President. This, more than his comment about accepting the results of the election, is incredibly offensive to me, but it seems the mainstream media disagrees. First, Hillary Clinton was never even charged with a crime, let alone proven guilty of one. Second, Secretary Clinton was never indicted, but Donald Trump believes that he is able to do that on the debate stage… I have news for him. You can’t!

Donald Trump talks about biased media, and I am starting to see it. The news has lowered their expectations for Donald Trump so far that they ignore these distasteful and offensive comments. If the media was impartial, they would be slamming him for it. Their silence on the matter proves that Donald Trump was right: our mainstream media is biased, just not the way he says it is.



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