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Why You Should Vote From the Perspective Of Someone Who Cannot

via The Odyssey

via The Odyssey

For the past several months, I have been obsessed with the 2016 elections. I constantly tweet about it, keep up to date will the polls and talk to every single person from my dad to my uber drivers about this whirlwind of an election.

However, I can’t even vote.

I’m not an American citizen yet; I’m a permanent resident of the United States, but I am a Canadian citizen. Yet, I wish I could vote. I constantly see so many people talking about how they won’t vote because their one vote “doesn’t even matter”, or how they don’t want to because they do not like either of the candidates.

But here’s what I want to say to you: your vote DEFINITELY counts. It might be one of millions, but that one could make a difference. If every single person refused to vote because they felt that their one vote did not matter, imagine what kind of shambles our election system would be in.

As for not liking either of the candidates, here is what I will say: regardless of whether you like it or not, one of them will be the president of the United States for the next four years. So yes, you might not be the biggest fan of either, but at least take the time to think about it and ask yourself who you would rather have running this country.

This election is one of the biggest events around the world; it has shaken up the world of politics globally and regardless of who wins, it will change the United States as we know it. Imagine how great it would be to say that you played a part in an election so big. Imagine how proudly you can tell people that your vote, your one seemingly unimportant vote, made as much of a difference as every other one of those millions of votes.

I cannot wait for the day in 2020 when I will be eligible to vote. I will proudly go out there, give my support to whoever I believe is the best candidate, and tell people that I participated in one of the biggest events in this country that comes only every four years.

There are so many people, like myself, who would love to have the option to vote right now. Too many people take the ability to vote for granted. Go out there, take advantage of the election system we have that allows you to have a say, and vote for who you think is the best candidate.

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Sai Sailaja Seshadri

Sai is a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Political Science and Pre-Law. In the little free time she has, Sai is constantly writing. Aside from Affinity, she is also the Editor In Chief for The Odyssey @ ASU and has contributed to magazines such as Thought Catalog, Elite Daily and Collegefession. She hopes to one day become a lawyer.

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