Remaining Hopeful During Trump’s Presidency

You know how when you play the game Jenga there’s that feeling of rage as you watch the tower you built fall down? I feel as if I, along with the whole entire world, experienced that same emotion when seeing “President Trump” as the top trend on Twitter, and then realizing that yes, he has actually been elected. Similar to the way each block of the Jenga tower falls down, it’s as if I watched a century of progress and change happen for nothing.

Waking up at 6:15 AM and finding out that a neo-fascist has access to nuclear codes is a terrible way to start off the morning. A man convicted of rape and notorious for his endless amount of sexist comments is now leading a nation filled with powerful women. Whether it’s his islamophobia or mocking of the disabled that irritates you, the reality is that he is in the Oval Office, and that millions of Americans agree with Donald Trump’s sickening and repulsive narrative.

I’m Canadian, so despite my slight feeling of superiority towards the United States, I understand that he is not representative of all Americans. I sympathize with the LGBTQ+ community who have to withstand Mike Pence and his support for conversion therapy. I pray for the Muslim community who have had their faith be demonized by Trump. I wish peace upon people of colour who have to witness Donald Trump objectifying the black community. With Trump elected, the next four years are unpredictable as he is unclear about his policies. But it is blatantly clear that his fear and hate inducing attitude will remain intact, and that his presidency will be one destructive to the American people and the world altogether.

Optimism seems impossible to obtain during a time like this, but all we can do is hope for a better tomorrow and continue to advocate for what we believe in.

Do not let Donald Trump silence you: protest the system, challenge politicians and raise your voice. Fight for what you are passionate about, and have faith in your ability to create change and ignite a revolution. It may seem as if this is the end of the world, but Trump’s presidency is only a reminder that we must continue to take action. Despite the news being difficult to process, and the horror of Donald Trump being incredibly strong, we will endure. Although one cannot deny the chaos and corruption of the U.S., one cannot also deny that Americans have suffered before, and the country will heal with time.

I think I can speak on the behalf of many when I say that this has still not processed. An ex-reality star who has bragged about sexually assaulting women is the president of the world’s most powerful nation. If that is easy for your mind to register, I’m appalled. But if you woke up this morning, crossing your fingers that Clinton was elected to only be struck with disappointment, you are not alone. There is no use arguing over who, or what, is the main cause of this. Whether you are angry at the white liberals who voted for Jill Stein or at the FBI for reopening the email investigation, there is no way of returning back to the past and fixing our mistakes. The present is all we have, and the future is yet to come.

I cannot fully empathize with America right now. Although the Canadian government contains its flaws, the thought of an individual like Trump being the leader of my nation is unimaginable. But it’s happening in my neighbour country, and I’m scared for what is yet to come. Despite SNL making Trump seem as if he’s just a silly cartoon character, the reality could not be any more different. He is vile and chaotic, rude and vulgar. Donald Trump is the president, but he is not America. Remain ambitious for a safer future, and continue to make change on a daily basis.



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