Kanye Admits To Supporting Trump — Jokes On Him If He Thinks We Will Still Vote For Him In 2020

It doesn’t surprise me to have to say that Kanye West has been canceled… again. Recently at his San Jose, California show, the rapper declared that if he had voted, he would’ve voted for Donald Trump. I’m not even mad that he didn’t vote; that’s his prerogative. What I’m mad about is that this is the same man who went on national television and said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

In the past few years, Kanye has been known to make some inappropriate remarks. He’s been sexist, he’s slut-shamed his ex-girlfriend, he’s made gross comments about an underage girl sleeping with an adult man, and he’s insulted a fellow rapper’s child. Kanye’s no stranger to ignorance, but it wasn’t always this way. Just like the song says, “I miss the old Kanye.” This new Kanye sounds a lot like all the other ignorant rappers who use their platforms to tell black people to stop talking about race because they made it big so obviously racism has ended. That’s news to me considering black men and women are still being killed by police and then labeled as thugs in the media. And it’s funny because Kanye was one of the celebrities who pointed out how black people were portrayed negatively in the media as opposed to white people during Hurricane Katrina. Not only that but at this point in time, his non-black wife is seemingly better at addressing issues than him and has been for a while now. She’s making the effort to learn how to raise her half-black children in an effective way. Now if we could just get her to stop appropriating our culture.

It’s interesting to hear Kanye say these things though considering his big MTV Awards announcement. Kanye running for President in 2020 is like Ben Carson running: a rich, confused black man trying to fit in with white people. If he can put Trump’s “principles” aside because he loved his “campaign” and his “debates” then I guess I can put aside my love for his music and hope Kim K puts out a new single. I’d support her auto-tuned vocals than her husband’s ignorance.

To be honest, I haven’t been a Kanye stan for a while. There’s a point when his strive to shock people is too much for me, and from the thousands of people booing him in the audience, it seems that his fans agree. It’s like everytime Bow Wow does or says anything, and the black community just isn’t here for it. Kanye’s false politicism isn’t funny or edgy. He’s not better than all the liberals and democrats telling minorities to give Trump a chance. He doesn’t get to talk about the appropriation of black culture and how he supports trans people when he’s comfortable with voting for a man who doesn’t care about either of those things. Maybe it’s time I start watching the Kardashians since it seems Kim is actually progressing while her husband is… doing something else. And one this is for sure, I will not be voting for any Donald Trump apologist– no matter how amazing The Life of Pablo was.

P.S. Now that Donald Trump has told us he’s basically besties with Kanye, I feel like we should’ve known.



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