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How You Can Help With #NoDAPL From Home

via YouTube

via YouTube

If you have access to the internet, or have watched the news recently you are aware of what’s happening in North Dakota. If you live under a rock, allow me to fill you in a bit: The Dakota Access pipeline is a 1,885km crude oil delivery pipeline running from Bakken, North Dakota, to Patoka, Illinois. If said pipeline is completed it will transport 570,000 gallons of oil everyday. People are protesting this pipeline with good reason. The construction of this pipeline imposes on Native American land, some of the only land they have left. This pipeline will pollute the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and damage and destroy sites of historic, religious, and cultural significance. As if that isn’t enough, it also threatens their environmental and economic well-being.

Many people apart of the Sioux Tribe and others have been protesting this pipeline for quite some time now. If you’re someone like me who feels very strongly about this issue, but you live far away and can’t help protest, here’s a way you can help from home:

You can call or write emails to local congressmen. Find your local representative here by using your zip code here.

On the left hand side under “Representing” you should see a box where you can type in your zip code. After you do so, you should see your local congressmen. Click on their name, and there should be a box on the left with many different links. Click the “Contact” link. This link should give you an email address, website, and/or phone number to call. Try to do this daily so you’ll get their attention.

When you reach them tell them:

  1. You are strongly against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  2. You are deeply concerned about our dependency on oil and the way it is increasingly destroying our climate.
  3. You are concerned about the aggression and violence used against these protesters.
  4. Demand that they get involved to halt the Pipeline and side with the Indigenous people at Standing Rock.
  5. Tell them if they fail to help, they will not be receiving your vote, (or your parents if you are below 18) for reelection.

By doing this daily hopefully you can manage to get the attention of your local congressman so we can help make a difference even though we can’t be there to protest. Stand up for what’s right.

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Gracie Miller
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18 year old gal who likes spending her time being a feminist killjoy, drinking tea, binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and reading books!

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