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These Are Society’s Problems With A Woman’s Body

Shave your body hair. Stretch marks are gross. If you are going to gain weight make sure it is in all the “right places.” Wear makeup if you are ugly. If you have a face full of makeup I am taking you swimming on the first date. If your skirt is short and your top is cropped, do not wonder why people keep touching you; you are basically asking for it.

Women are constantly told what to do with their bodies. It is not our place to decide what becomes of us; our bodies do not belong to us. We are unable to show off what is ours without judgment, because what should be ours belongs to society. They see a woman’s confidence as a threat. It is looked down upon to be confident, because if you are confident, how is your knight in shining armor going to swoop in and rescue you from yourself? He cannot save you if you do not need rescuing. And he most definitely cannot save you if he is a he, and you’re more of a “she” or “they” or “just not interested” kind of girl.

As a woman, your body is not your body. Your body is an object meant for the public but not meant to be seen by the public.

Your body is controlled by the public, even though it is you that puts one foot in front of the other, even though it is you that carries the weight of the world you have no voice in on your shoulders, even though it is you that is birthed the entirety of this world, and even though without you there would be no world, you do not control your body.

Your body is meant for the public, which you have no voice in because a woman should be seen and not heard. She must speak only when spoken to. She must know her place, and know that that place is on hands and knees, as she is used as the stool for the public sit on and does not think twice about it. A woman should know when they speak of humanity, they do not mean you. A woman should know she is no more than a dog, expected to obey every command. A woman should know expressing herself is a sin, and daring to have a voice is the biggest sin of them all. A woman should know the problem with being a woman. A woman should not be reading this because a woman should already know the problem with her, I mean the public’s, body.

The only problem with a woman’s body is that the world can own it before she is ever able to.

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Ke'Londa Magee
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