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Doctor Strange Was Whitewashed Like Every Other Movie

Aside from the blatant racism depicted in Marvel’s new movie: Doctor Strange, the movie had little to none character development. It started with the main character being a contemptible obnoxious person and ended the same way! None of the characters were likable, in my opinion, and the love interest was absolutely unnecessary. We have a white man with a monotonous voice and a snarky attitude because apparently, that’s all Marvel knows. And we have yet another villainous person of colour versus a white man disguised as the hero. The representation in the film was utter rubbish and I’m actually befuddled people spent their money on such a dreadful movie and praised it.

They managed to appropriate Asian culture and exclude actual Asian’s. Then we add in the yellow face and whitewashing of the main character, who in issue 110 of the paranormal anthology series ‘strange tales’, Stephen was originally created or drawn to look Asian, but in the movie he is white. The erasure of Tibetan culture was added to please Chinese censors. The main character is ableist, racist, AND homophobic, with the three of those combined, what kind of movie to do you get? A trash one. With supporting the racially insensitive comic you get an equally racist movie! Moving on to the actual characters, it isn’t much of a surprise a white man was cast as the hero and a man of colour was cast as the villain. Yet in the comic, the two men were the same colour! It was an Asian caricature, but Asian nonetheless and whitewashed as Marvel seems to do. A prime example being the Maximoff twins.

The comic writer, Ditko, was content with having him be a racial stereotype and whitewashed and only changed him when the comic gained popularity. He was content until Stephen was turned into a three-dimensional character. And if Marvel is as educated as they claim to be, they should know this. This movie should have been their opportunity to racism turn the whitewashed comic into a decent movie and cast an actual man of colour as Stephen. But they didn’t, they cast the whitest man known to whites as the main character.

In conclusion, Marvel has officially lost all of its appeals to me. And this movie is actual rubbish and shouldn’t be supported.

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