Trump Party Is Over…Now What?

Trump supporters are still chanting, and protesters are still protesting (or window breaking ). The inauguration weekend is over and everyone, including the president himself, is left in a party daze that’s pleasant for some and deadly for the rest. However, the party hats and confetti must be put away because now begins the dawn of an intriguing four years…

It’s no secret that this inauguration was very different from previous inaugural ceremonies. What was supposed to be a symbolic day for the country to peacefully unite became a day that highlighted our division like never before. One group of red hat wearing citizens gathered at the Capitol, cheerfully rooting for their new leader while another group assembled in the streets of Washington D.C. to protest the festivity. This is clearly more than just a gap between political parties and goes beyond politics alone, since what Trump preaches is far more than typical political affairs.

From the start of his campaign, all of Trump’s speeches have stood out for their racist, misogynistic, sexual, insulting, extremist, and rather repetitive nature. All of which have caused more than half the population to come up in an uproar against him, not as a republican candidate, but as a human being. The anger has been so great that even people with no former political interest have crawled out of hiding just to let their voice be heard against what they believe to be a clear threat to the country. On the other hand of course, Trump’s business background can’t be neglected. Neither can his “billions” that somehow prove his success that may equip him to strengthen our economy in some unsaid miraculous way.

Trump’s inauguration speech proved to be pretty similar to a typical Trump rally but with a touch of elegance and a little less Trump. As opposed to his usual blunt finger pointing, he remained more subtle. The labels “Americans” and “American people” prevailed and many parts of the speech were left open to interpretation:

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer…Everyone is listening to you now. You came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before.”

Trump then elaborates on the list of rights that have been “taken away” from these “forgotten people” and explains that America has focused too much on foreign affairs. The truth is that his vague statements could be describing any number of different groups. Could the said “forgotten people” be any average, foreign, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian,  or immigrant resident that has truly been forgotten in the social and economic society? Or could this forgotten and lamented group be the ones many believe to have been forgotten and drowned out by the seas of these minorities? Everything is open to interpretation and only time will tell what these words truly mean.

So yes, the nation of red, white, and blue is divided which means that a significant part of the population believes that Donald J. Trump fits the presidential role and the remaining part does not. The reality of it is that Trump now sits in the Oval office as Commander in Chief- at least for the next four years- so what now?

Now is the time to take action for what you believe and keep skepticism a priority.

Protests and marches are incredible means of speaking up to the world, but are not the only way to get involved. Everyday, you will be met with intolerance and differing points of view that you may or may not agree with. The important factor is how and if you choose to stand your ground and defend it by evoking change in the current situation. Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders constantly uses his Twitter account as a tool to remind people of what should never be forgotten in times like these. He reminds us to take action because the future is, indeed, in this generation’s hands.



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