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How To Be Creative During Trump’s Presidency

As an artist, it is hard to imagine something more irritating than being unable to create. For the last couple months, I’ve been dealing with immense writer’s block: every time I grab a pen or open a Word document, my mind draws to a blank. Although everybody has their personal reasons as to why they lack inspiration or adrenaline, there is one issue in which I think many can attribute their artistic blackout to: Donald Trump. Everything- from the conversations I have with my friends to my timeline on Twitter- seems to be impacted by the horrendous and destructive nature of Trump and his administration. I’m not even American, and the horror behind his Muslim ban and other cruel executive orders has been making me bitter — thus, unable to see the beauty of the world that is so crucial to my writing. So, I want to offer you some advice in regards to remaining excited and ambitious to create, despite Trump’s efforts to suppress individualism and what makes not only Americans, but humanity unique and diverse.

1. Take a Break from Social Media

Not to argue that ignorance is bliss — because it isn’t — but there is nothing wrong with removing yourself from the world as an act of creatively recharging. Although it is important to keep up with the news, becoming overwhelmed by it to the point where you feel mentally weak is a sign that you must take a step back. Delete your social media apps for a day to reignite the passions that you have neglected and motivate yourself to create, whether that means writing, painting, dancing, etc. Once you return to social media, you will find a change in your attitude: instead of approaching the upsetting news with hysteria, you will be proactive and ambitious to fight against what you are in discontent with (in this case, a flaming hot cheeto who happens to be a bigot) and advocate for what you believe in

2. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

There may seem to be no correlation between something like, say, writing a poem and eating vegetables, but bear with me. Often, our feelings of immense sadness can cause our physical health to suffer also. Whether that be a lack of sleep or not enough exercise, our bodies and minds respond to one another: thus, if we are not taking care of ourselves, then it shouldn’t appear as a surprise if we find ourselves in complete exhaustion for extended periods of time. So, instead of reacting to Trump’s administration by lying in bed hoping for an alien invasion of Earth, I advise you take a walk around your neighborhood or roll out a yoga mat and do some sun salutations. Although our agony may repress our appetites into numbness, remember the importance of nutrition and avoid skipping meals. Healthy lifestyle choices will allow you to creativity thrive and flourish, and you will be surprised by the rush of inspiration that your mind will receive by improving your diet and levels of exercise.

3. Discover New Art

I consider myself to be an avid consumer of art; someone always willing to expand my taste in literature, film and music. Lately, however, I confess to doing rather the opposite- it’s been quite some time since I remember being highly engrossed in a movie or book, besides school reading. This is because as of recently, I’ve been investing all my energy into getting angered by Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer’s tweets, and listening to Tomi Lahren speak with utter ignorance. And, not to forget, watching Trump gradually push the United States back by using a fear-based, nationalistic rhetoric that was utilized by Hitler. Like I mentioned earlier, it is important to have knowledge and awareness in regards to what is going on in the world, but when your knowledge hinders you from pursuing what you love, then a balance must be strived for. In an effort to rekindle your artistic interests, be eager to find new art that you can utilize as inspiration. Whether that means watching a foreign film that you’ve been dying to see or browsing around a bookstore, your creative adrenaline coexists with the art others have produced.

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Rachel Riddell
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Rachel Riddell is an aspiring writer and high school student based in Toronto, Ontario. Interests include intersectional feminism, roasting Donald Trump and watching an excessive amount of conspiracy theory documentaries.


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