By Any Memes Necessary: A Meme-Centric Art Show

Memes have become an important part of internet culture. Not only are they funny and entertaining, but they can be a coping mechanism for those with mental health issues. Memes serving as coping devices is a well debated topic. Many people with mental illnesses use memes as a way to express their feelings, share their downfalls, and laugh at themselves as a way to deal with their struggles. Mentally ill people can cope however they want to. If memes are a positive outlet for mentally ill folk, then it is not up to others to police their coping habits. However, some people who don’t suffer from mental illnesses have taken part in sharing mental health related memes. When people who don’t actually have mental health issues do that, it is harmful to the mental health community because it adds onto the stigma. If you are not clinically depressed, then you should not share a meme about depression, even if you are feeling sad that day. Keep that in mind next time you come across a meme on Twitter.

The internet has created a valuable way of connecting people and sharing laughs. If memes can help someone feel better about their illness then more power to the memes!

Instagram user @ka5sh has created a “meme-centric art show” to display various memes as works of art. The opening reception for the event is February 10th at 7pm at Junior High in Los Angeles, California. “By Any Memes Necessary” is all about exhibiting the ability, which the internet has gifted to us through memes, to empathize and cope. The event is sponsored by @sonny5ideup. All ages are welcome to attend. A $5 donation is suggested.

The art show serves as an enhanced outlook on the internet’s meme-obsessed culture.

The show features work by “Instagram legends”: @versace_tamagotchi, @tequilafunrise, @sensualmemes, @scariest_bug_ever, @bunnymemes, and @gothshakira. Make sure to follow those accounts on Instagram to see some quality memes.

@ka5sh says, “The reason I created this show is to bring more legitimacy to memes. We are artists, what we do is art. We are turning our feelings, fears, problems, and weird ass thoughts into relatable content.” This newfound “memecraft” needs to be taken seriously. This group of content creators do much more than just make people laugh, their memes can be of importance to someone who really needed to see that others feel the same pain they do. While, yes, memes are funny and good natured, sometimes they are more than just silliness. Keep sharing these posts and keep the art alive “by any memes necessary”. Remember to attend the art show!



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