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Latinxs: Let’s Start Addressing The Anti-Blackness In Our Communities

To sum up the beginning months of 2017, George Lopez has been a name that’s been dropped in many tweets worldwide, and it’s not because of a George Lopez Show reunion. In fact, it’s for something quite distasteful. Recently, a new clip from George Lopez’s comedy show in Phoenix has gone viral because of his vile reaction towards a woman who was offended by one if his jokes. Now, this wasn’t just any joke, it was a hateful joke directed towards the Black community.

“There’s still two rules in the f*cking Latino family, don’t marry somebody that’s Black and don’t park in front of our house,” George Lopez said during his show. It was this joke that made the woman throw the middle finger at him, and Lopez returned with misogynistic and violent remarks to the woman.

After this incident, the twitter rage fueled through the internet caused a huge discussion on this matter. The fact stands that the joke that Lopez said in the video clip was of course racially charged, and his comebacks made the matters even worse, but what truly stirs me is the audience. If you look closely in the video, the audience is happily cheering and supporting him, as if what he joked about was right. Now, keep in mind George Lopez’s audience mostly consists of people from the Latino community, and yet this was still a laughing matter to everyone else in the audience. Unfortunately, this ugly truth is one all Latinxs know to be true.

“Latinxs in every community give the same racism towards the Black community that we receive from others.”

As a Latina, growing up in a community where the constant racism and hardships are set as a norm for us, it’s hard to imagine that we would do anything but set us farther apart from accomplishing our goal that applies to any minority living in White America, and that is just to live safe and equally. 

But unfortunately, Latinxs in every community give the same racism towards the Black community that we receive from others. Such as our uncles and cousins thinking that saying the n-word is almost as equal as saying ‘dude’ or ‘homie’ when it isn’t. Such as perpetuating the stereotype that everyBlack person you see on the street will be violent or aggressive. It’s unspoken moments like these that breed prejudice in our community, and will do nothing but further the agenda of racists, which is to divide us.

As the hate levels rise along with Trump’s power, it’s our job as Latinxs and Non-black Chicanxs to better our community and educate those who continue to spread the idea that anti-blackness is normal when it should never be ‘normal’, it should be the very thing that forbids us from moving forward.

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Emily Flores
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Emily is a fifteen year old writer who loves to write about social justice issues, specifically concerning the disability community. When not furiously typing, she can be seen binge watching Sex and the City, or viewing your favorite Supermodel's skin care routine on


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