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Body Positivity is Harmful?

Body Positivity is such an important concept and idea that we should all be partaking in. Especially in this day and age where comparisons to out of this world models are just begging to happen, to both men and women. It’s hard to feel confident about yourself when you look nothing like the top 100 sexiest celebs, who get applauded as something that we should all aspire to be – subjectively pretty to a select group of people.

It’s the billboards, the commercials and public figures that make this movement so relevant. Despite what they show, not everyone has the same body figure! You can be confident, gorgeous, beautiful without fitting into a cardboard cut out. Other people can be beautiful without fitting into a cardboard cut out, you just need to help them realize that. That is what the movement is about. However, like everything good, we have to be wary of how much we lather on.

Too much of a good thing, is just too much.

For example, being overweight. I completely understand the fact that there are ailments that prevents people from looking societies version of ‘perfect’. I encourage saying uplifting things to them, as most of them are gorgeous in their own right. They shouldn’t be judged because they aren’t the same as the supermodels who grace your magazines. You shouldn’t be belittled just because of how you look.

However, it becomes a problem when people begin to praise people who are unhealthy. Who are skinny because they’re anorexic, or overweight because they want to be praised for being ‘thick’ and are eating too much.

To make it clearer, there is a difference between being fat because that’s who you are, and being fat because you’re unhealthy – just as there is a difference between being skinny because you have high metabolism and being skinny because you’re starving yourself.

I’m not saying that you should stop being positive and start insulting ‘the model who wants to weight 1000 pounds’ , but I am saying to be careful when promoting her’s and other’s lifestyle. It’s definitely not healthy. Not for her, and not for anyone who wants to follow in her footprints. However the exposure that she has gotten, and they way in which she promotes her overeating – creates a difficult situation.

It pushes forward the idea that it’s okay not to take care of yourself, that it’s okay to sit around and do nothing all day. It’s not okay.

Obesity can, and usually leads to serious problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and in many cases, it can also help to increase the chances of getting cancer. Anorexia can lead to constipation, lack of menstrual periods and very low blood pressure. Between 5% to 20% of the people who suffer from this, will die from it.

I understand wanting to compliment everyone and everything, there is too much negativity in this world. However think before you do it. Don’t blindly praise someone for eating junk food, just for eating junk food. Don’t blindly praise someone who has gotten thinner, just because they’re gotten thinner. Look for signs, because often, these people need out help.

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