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Orion Vanessa Carloto: A Voice to All

The beauty of the Internet and social media, in general, is that it has made thousands of young teenagers and adults spread their voice in an easy and creative way to millions of people around the world. Orion Vanessa Carloto, is an internet sensation who has used the internet to share her inspirational voice with her viewers and allowing her viewers to experience her many passions in a unique way. Orion Carloto is a twenty-year-old writer, feminist, poet, and Youtuber based in Atlanta, Georgia. Orion inspires her viewers all around the world to embrace their true selves.

In one of her most popular videos on her channel, #BodyPositivty + Accepting yourself, Orion uses her platform to be elevating to others and uses her confident voice to spread the message of self-love and accepting your true self. She explains the importance of accepting yourself as you are, “flaws” and all and not to apologize for the body you were born with because you’re a masterpiece.

“[…] to my ladies; never feel like it’s your job to please a man… you are not an object. You do not belong to him. Use your voice and speak up.” –Orion Carloto

Orion is also a writer and a poet. She currently writes for the magazine, Local Wolves and has her own column titled, “PS. Positivity” which promotes positive thinking for people of all ages and gender and accepting yourself as you are. Orion is a voice for millions of people especially girls; she reminds us that it’s ok and there is no harm done in voicing our opinions on feminism and positivity. Besides from writing for Local Wolves, Orion is currently working on her first book of poetry and prose. Orion to me is the purest form of art. Everything about her screams art and she has been blessed with this gift and she is using it for the greater good.

Orion is an inspiration to me and millions of other people. I genuinely admire everything about her. Her passion, perseverance, and strength. She brings light to this world and is an inspiration to all. Youtubers like Orion are important in inspiring and influencing the new generation of girls, empowering them to be themselves, accept themselves and not to conform to society’s way of things.


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Zoë Selesi
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Zoë is a nineteen-year-old from England currently living in New York for university studying Public Relations. Zoë is a lover of all music genres especially alternative R&B, UK Grime and Korean music.


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