We Should Appreciate These Artists Who Make Music About Mental Health

Anyone can suffer from mental health problems – someone who’s famous, someone we barely even know, someone we think we know. There are many artists who bring awareness to them and they definitely deserve to be thanked for that considering how much stigma is still out there.

They’re all honest about it, they all show it in their art. It’s hard enough to open up about struggles like this to our loved ones, let alone to thousands of people but they still manage to do it and stay proud of themselves.


Ashley Frangipane knows as Halsey became really famous in 2014 when her song Ghost came out. Following that, she released an EP called Room 93. Her debut album Badlands was out in August 2015, and the next one called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is set to be released in June. She was diagnosed as bipolar when she was 17. In an interview with Elle she said that as a kid everyone thought of her as “the weirdo”. She also brought up the issue that are people who fetishize mental illness, wanting “a crazy girl” while in reality it’s not as pleasant as it sounds. “Sometimes it’s throwing things and, like, getting hurt and having to pick someone up from the police station at two o’clock in the morning. My biggest fear has always been being that woman.”, she said. She also pointed out that due to her condition, her emotions may and most likely will be at least a little bit more intense (which lots of people have ignored in the past – calling her “extra” or “crazy”, no matter what she was doing). She’s proving that just because it’s a part of her – it’s not all she is, it doesn’t define her. Bipolar disorder is often misunderstood – thought of as simply “being moody” but Halsey is proving that you can suffer from it and also succeed in life, inspiring and helping fans that doubt they can do it.

Songs you should listen to : Gasoline, Control, Haunting.

Dodie Clark

Dodie (whose career has started from her youtube channel doddleoddle) has always been incredibly honest to her audience. In July last year she made a video talking about how she’s been feeling “crazy” and needs to find help. She said that she’s figured what she’s suffering from is a mix of anxiety, depression and depersonalization, the last one being a condition that’s rarely spoken about, yet more common than one might think. Depersonalization is basically feeling like everything around you, including you, isn’t real, isn’t actually there, like it’s all a dream, not seeing things realistacally, as if you’ve lost contact with reality. Dodie has also openly talked about her struggles with panic attacks, social anxiety, alcohol and being in an abusive relationship as well as how therapy is helping her, urging people to seek it seeing as it has really helped her. The way she speaks to her audience is one of a kind – you can truly feel that she cares about you and there’s no room for doubting her honesty. Dodie’s first EP Intertwined was released in November. You can also read more about depersonalization here
Songs you should listen to : 6/10, Secret for the mad, When.


Sia Furler is known for not showing her face in music videos and hardly ever appearing anywhere in public – or appearing but not being recognizable. What most people don’t know though is that she is actually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She said it on American Idol, which is where she also suprised everyone by showing her face. In an interview with The New York Times she talked a lot about her past drug and alcohol addiction. She was also addicted to Xanax and antidepressants. In May 2010 she was contemplating suicide and ordered drugs from her dealer to do it – fortunately her friend stopped her. That’s when she started writing songs for other artists including hits like Rihanna’s Diamonds, Beyoncé’s Pretty Hurts and Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm. She’s been struggling with stage fright and anxiety for the longest time – often performing so you can’t see her face. She’s a living proof that you shouldn’t let it stop you from trying to achieve your dreams. Anxiety and fear doesn’t simply disappear but we can succeed even if we’re suffering from it. Her lyrics may be sad but what’s more important is that their brutality, their sadness is what makes them real.


Songs you should listen to : Breathe Me, Cellophane, Numb.



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