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White People, Stay Away From Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, a holiday celebrated by the Mexican-American community, commemorates the unlikely success the Mexican Army had over the forces of the French in a Battle of Puebla. The French invaded Mexico to establish a Latin empire that would benefit them. French soldiers stormed in Veracruz in late 1861, forcing the Mexican government intro a retreat. An army of 6,000 strong men attacked a poorly equipped army of 2,000. Against all odds, the Mexican army prevailed, beating the French. The aftermath and celebration of winning resulted in parades, music, food, and folkloric dancing. A holiday that reminds me and my people how strong we are has now become a mockery of us.

Cinco de Mayo has famously become Cinco de Drinko, or, Drinko de Mayo to American citizens, mainly white people. What is a holiday that heavily embraces the Mexican culture, is now a party theme for white people. They dress up in sombreros and ponchos and drink margaritas and eat tacos. They mock us and our victory. On Cinco de Mayo, they love us. But on Seis de Mayo, they go back to hating us.

Dear White People, stay away from my holiday. You do not get to drink margaritas and tequila and eat my food when you voted for a man that hates me and my people entirely. No, you do not get to celebrate our victory. You do not get to participate in a holiday that my people have to remind each other that no matter what, we will prevail. White people, you had the audacity to come onto my beautiful land and tanned on my beaches and listened to my music when you voted for a disgusting racist who proposed to build a wall dividing us from you. You do not get to try and join in on the celebration for a holiday that is not for you to celebrate.

White people, you love my land, but you hate the people who walk upon it. You love our food, but you hate who makes it. You love my music, but you hate who sings it. You love my culture, but you hate my people.

Don’t you dare post pictures of you in your sombreros and racist mustaches and your Mexican-themed parties. You wan’t to show support for my people’s holiday? Watch from the sidelines. You don’t get to celebrate a holiday that you confuse for Mexican Independence. In fact, you don’t get to celebrate this holiday at all. It’s not some excuse for you to get drunk and show up to work hungover the next day; you have Saint Patricks Day for that. You call your party Drinko de Mayo, but to us, we call you Gringo de Mayo.

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Sierra Martinez
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A 17 year old college pre-med introvert who likes to write in her spare time and also indulge in binge watching of "America's Next Top Model." Follow me on Instagram [@Sierra_528] and/or twitter [@polaroidbones]

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