The Real Racial Hypocrisy of Bravo TV: Teresa Giudice’s Felony v Phaedra Parks’ Pettiness

There is something to be said about having no qualms about displaying blatant hypocrisy. It seems that morals would alarm one who does such a thing to perhaps renounce such a deed, but such is not the case in terms of Bravo TV.

On Sunday, May 7, 2017, the fourth installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s season nine reunion was aired, and it was revealed that malicious actions intended to hurt Grammy winner Kandi Burruss were orchestrated by Phaedra Parks Esq. (if she isn’t disbarred) for no substantive reason.

Ms. Parks accused Ms.Burrus and her husband Tod Tucker of attempting to drug and rape fellow castmate Porsha Williams in a three-way bisexual tryst. The damning severity of these alleged actions was the major storyline for the entirety of season nine and even resulted in Burrus serving Williams with a cease and desist letter.

However, May 7, 2017, revealed that Williams had been told by Parks that Burrus and her husband had said this directly to Parks, but Parks then denied this once the housewives took their places on their couches for the reunion. Phaedra Parks is rumored to have been immediately fired once the loose ends of her tale exploded in front of herself and her boss: Andy Cohen.

With this fraudulence in mind, the curious case of New Jersey housewife Theresa Giudice and her husband Joe should begin to present itself from the recesses of your memory. The Giudice’s were sentenced to 15 months and 41 months respectively for committing bankruptcy fraud, and mail wire fraud.

Thus an inconsistency arises among Bravo’s always bubbling, practically the host of every single show on Bravo, resident white gay male: Andy Cohen.

While Parks was fired from the show by Andy Cohen (and subsequently ridiculed on twitter and Instagram), Giudice remains as a cast on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and has actually received support from her community as well as book deals and interviews about her felon tendencies. The accusations sparked by Parks are definitely acrimonious to the point where they cannot be ignored, but they do not equate to methodically planned criminal activity. 

Why does Teresa (and her husband Joe..) get a pass as Phaedra is stuck on a pike? Playing the “race card” here is not a reach whatsoever, but instead a genuine question. Where do we draw the line between pettiness that has escalated beyond repair and stealing money in sums that total up to beyond $75,000 dollars? The line seems to have been drawn between Parks and Giudice at their race.

It can be presumed that both Bravo and Andy Cohen make the most money from the Real Housewives of Atlanta out of all the other housewives in the franchise, but yet he seems to always treat them in the harshest manner and exploit them on his Watch What Happens Live after show.

Something is rotten at Bravo and this dilemma may be at the root of it.



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