Why #ReasonsToKeepGoing Is So Important This Mother’s Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and people are taking to twitter to encourage those who struggle with their mental health to keep going. #ReasonsToKeepGoing is trending today and the tweets are very encouraging. People all over twitter are encouraging people who are struggling to keep going because “You have your own special contribution to make to this world, and a light inside you to help others in the dark,” “Because things always gets better. The bad days just makes you stronger,” and “Nothing is impossible. Don’t let people bring you down because of the things they tell you. You can and will do it.” People struggling with their mental health and need reasons to keep going, even if it is something as simple as “you need to live to see the ending to this tv show” or “that movie you like is coming out next year, you should be alive to see it.”  It’s especially important that this hashtag is trending on Mother’s Day, because too often people ignore mothers who struggle with their mental health and need reasons to keep going in their life. Too often mothers put their own needs aside to provide for their children or feel like they have to live up to the standard of “the perfect mother,” and today is a day to thank them for all that they do and make them know that it is okay to put themselves first sometimes. If your mother is a part of your life, make sure to let her know today that you appreciate all she has done for you and that she has many reasons in her life to keep going. Mothers are an integral part of our society, and they deserve to know how amazing they are and how everyone appreciates them for being brave enough to be a mother.



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