Remember to Stand Up for Net Neutrality and Equal Access to Online Information

Along with our healthcare and peace of mind, the Trump administration now has set their sights on something else to destroy; net neutrality. The principle of net neutrality is that the government now regulates tech companies to ensure that they treat all web traffic equally and fairly. This means they can’t block access to any websites or apps, and can’t meddle with loading speeds. In a 2-1 vote along party lines Thursday, theFederal Communications Commission(FCC) voted to propose a new review of the rules to loosen the regulation of net neutrality. The new head of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) Ajit Pai called for the dismantling of Obama-era regulations that reinforce net neutrality under Title II. Title II gave the FCC the ability to regulate common carriers and make sure they act in the public’s best interest and can’t make any unjust or unreasonable discrimination in charges, practices, classifications, regulations, facilities, or services.  It essentially forced providers to not influence web traffic in a way that benefits only them. 

The FCC, under Chairman Ajit Pai, wants to overturn this restriction and instead create an open internet saying that Title II hinders business and represents a “bureaucratic straitjacket” on the industry. The problem is that overturning net neutrality regulations means you have to  “unequivocally trust that your broadband provider will always put the public interest over self-interest or the interest of their stockholders” and for many that outcome doesn’t seem likely. Net neutrality and the public’s guarantee to a  non-discriminatory internet is under threat. Once again the Trump administration is putting the needs of the corporations over the American people. Although Pai’s argument for a free internet sounds compelling, it threatens people access to the internet.

Once again the Trump administration is putting the needs of corporations over the needs of the American people 

Over the past week the FCC has begun talks to dismantle these net neutrality regulations, but for the next 90 days, they will be accepting comments from Americans before drafting orders and voting them into law. So far more than a million people have commented on their site advocating for net neutrality under the Title II regulation. After a piece was done by comedian John Oliver where he directed his viewers to comment on the FCC website in a civil, clear fashion so that the Internet can remain unobstructed. If you agree that net neutrality is essential and shouldn’t be destroyed like everything else during the Trump administration go to and leave a comment supporting net neutrality!

You can also leave a comment by clicking on this link, after that “click on “Express” in the box on the left of the page. (The other option, “New Filing,” does basically the same thing but presents you with a bunch of additional choices that don’t need to be filled out.).”  All you have to after that is fill out your name and address( this will be displayed publicly on the website!)



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