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Lilly Singh Just Uploaded a Video of Her Dragging Racist People and It’s Painfully Hilarious

Last night I was pulling an all-nighter when I opened the YouTube app at 2 in the morning and saw Superwoman’s video in my subscription box, titled “Geography Class For Racist People”.

And let me tell you — I wasn’t ready. My jaw laid comfortably on the floor for about 4 minutes. It all starts with a racist comment left under one of her videos that said, “Go bak to ur country, you terrorist p*ki afghan indian muslim slut #MakeAmericGreatAgain”. All I can say is, whoever left that comment signed up for this scalping.

In the video, Lilly takes her racist viewers on a flight to India! So, here are her most iconic quotes from the video.

1.) “If you’re gonna be racist, at least do it right.”

2.) “To go back to my foreign country, we’ll need to fly a long 45 minutes all the way back to Canada. But I’m assuming you thought my country was somewhere else. So, let’s fly across the world to the country of P*ki Afghan India. India is all the way over here, across the ocean. So unfortunately, you won’t be able to drive your trailer there. Ohh covfefe!” 

I actually screamed at this one. The sarcasm! The shade! The Trump reference! I am here for it all.

3.) “You may recognize some of these countries we’re flying over as places immigrants come from to steal your jobs. Or just the same counties you steal oil from.”

Talk about hypocrisy. Eye for an eye I guess?

4.) “The aircraft you’re flying will probably be a double decker, which means that it’ll have about 300 to 400 people on board…which is approximately the same amount of people at Trump’s inauguration.”'s+inauguration+&imgrc=nvIl7gic6qRYJM: 

5.) “And although there are approximately 175 million Muslims in India, there are approximately 2 billion in the whole world, which means if every Muslim was a terrorist, you wouldn’t stand a goddamn chance.”

Say it louder for the people in the back!

6.) “Once we reach our destination, you’ll probably notice that India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are actually three separate countries. You silly American Aussie Brit.”

Good one, Lily.

7.) “Now that we’re here, the good news is that your wife can save all that money she spends on tanning salons trying to look closer to my complexion.” 

I full on yodeled right here, I’m not going to lie.

Did I save that video or did it save me? Enough of the quotes though. To see this dragging in full manifestation, click here! And to every dedicated racist out there, we’ll give you some advice — do your research before you make your next racist comment, just so you look a little less incompetent! We know you can’t help it! Sincerely, Intellectuals.

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Yasia Howard
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My name is Yasia, I'm 19 and I'm from the east coast. Outside of writing journalism I enjoy slam poetry, reading, indulging in culture, food, music..and most importantly- being heard.

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