It’s 2017, Why Do Men Still Think Women Wear Makeup For Them?

The narrative has been around for years, but in 2017 the concept that women wear makeup in order to benefit men in some way is still a prominent. And I’m not sure why.

One of the most common phrases thrown around on twitter is “women wear makeup and men lie”. The fact that this equates being outright dishonest to wearing makeup is a troubling idea.

Women wear makeup, men lie.

Women are not lying by wearing makeup, because they’re not trying to say anything to you in the first place. We do not exist to be interpreted by men. So when people say wearing makeup is a form of “false advertising”, I can’t understand what they mean. Do they think we apply makeup in the morning on the off chance that someone we don’t know will have an opinion about it? That’s not the case.

Makeup has always been something fun, and expressive, and even a way to create art. With makeup artists with small and large followings creating new and different looks all the time, inspired by seasons, events, and even images online like album artwork.

Furthermore, it has become such a large community for young women online, with makeup artists and beauty influences having some of the largest online followings on platforms like YouTube.

It is with this in mind that it is so hard to comprehend why men suggest it is in some way ‘false advertising’. Especially online, when you literally don’t know who they are and couldn’t care less what they think about the way you look.

Why would men assume you wearing makeup is a decision which is in any way influenced by them? You cannot accuse women of wearing makeup in a dishonest way unless unless you believe you have some kind of right to look at a woman and assume she is there for your viewing pleasure. And this is definitely a very problematic, misogynistic way of thinking.

So, when you see the perpetuation of the idea that makeup is dishonest in some way, just remember not to care in the slightest because you’re definitely not wearing it for anyone’s benefit but your own.



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