A Scientific Breakdown of Abortion With Pie Charts

Since Theresa May has decided, in a power hungry moment of insanity, to attempt to form a coalition with the DUP, people (myself included) have been discussing abortions. Northern Ireland (where the DUP is from) has a worrying history with abortions, given that women from Northern Ireland spend hundreds of pounds traveling to England to access safe ones.

Obviously, this means that only women with money/help from charity can access a safe abortion. The DUP think that women should be put on trial and imprisoned for abortions. “I would not want abortion to be as freely available here as it is in England and don’t support the extension of the 1967 act,” says Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP. Since this coalition (of chaos) was announced, Theresa May and other Conservative MPs have been hounded with questions from women, the LGBTQ+ community, and BME minorities alike, regarding the future of their human rights. Theresa May has “reassured” Ruth Davidson, Tory MP who is a lesbian, that gay rights will be protected, but we all know that Theresa May loves a good U-turn, so who knows what’s going to happen to anybody’s human rights!

Over the next few weeks, the DUP and the Conservatives will probably be having conversations about which laws they can compromise to align with the DUP’s outdated, bigoted, and fascist beliefs. There’s already talk of reducing time limits on abortions. So, I have compiled a handful of scientific pie charts that will hopefully clear things up for Theresa May and Arlene Foster regarding whether abortions are okay or not (spoiler alert: they are), as they sit down and discuss what to do with women’s bodies. (Pie charts by Me.)

So there we have it. A scientific breakdown of if abortion is okay or not. I figured pie charts would be the easiest way to break this down, a) because I love pie, and b) because literally anyone can understand them. Hopefully, we can all understand the above and FINALLY move on and let women get abortions when they need to get them.



  1. Does science show that the fetus in the womb is a human? Yes. Do humans have rights to live? Yes. If a fetus is a human, and humans have rights to live, then fetuses have the right to live. It’s simple science.

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