Dear Justice System, Please Put Some Respect On Black People

Earlier this week, Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who shot Philando Castile back in July last year got acquitted on all charges. He was also fired by the City of St. Anthony in MN. So I guess that murdering black people is now legal in the US. Philando Castile was not the only one who was failed by the justice system.

According to the American Bar Association, 1 in 16 African Americans are subjected to the American criminal system. Police are three times as likely to search the cars of stopped black drivers than stopped white drivers. Black people are also more likely to be jailed while awaiting trial.

Police killed more than 100 black people in 2015 alone. that is nearly twice a week. The most messed up thing about it is that only 10 of the 103 cases where an unarmed black person was killed by the police ended up being charged of the crime. According to The Guardian, in 2016, U.S police killed more than 250 black people. Almost none of the officers went to jail. These are the examples of the justice system continually to fail black people in this country.

Racial disparities has been apparent for so long in the U.S justice system. Wrongful convictions are always placed on innocent black people, an example of this is the Marvin Anderson case, he was wrongfully charged with rape, sodomy, abduction & robbery. It was only after 15 years that his case was absolved. This kind of racial bias is rampant in the criminal justice system.

I feel like the criminal justice system is where is at since the segregation era. The justice system is not progressing and evolving. Black people have been in this country for so long and we built this country with our blood and sweat but we still get pushed and treated with disrespect. Its absolutely inhumane that almost 200+ black people died in these past 3 years by police brutality with absolutely no justice. We need to rise and stand up to this injustice. Go to protests, call your reps, educate people, and take further action.




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