Michael Moore Slams Trump After Trump Tweets About His Show

On Saturday, Trump attacked film-maker Michael Moore’s Broadway show by tweeting this:

In retaliation, Moore tweeted back repeatedly and fired back about the inevitable failure of Trump’s presidency. Various of his tweets mocked Trump’s language and his use of the word “sad”.

Moore also continued on to informally tweet and talk down to Trump showcasing his dislike for the president. Many of his tweets included texting slang and talked in a somewhat mimicking tone, making it so much funnier.

Despite Trump’s claims saying that his Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender, was a total blow, it was actually quite successful and earned a total of 4.2 million dollars. The show had special guests like Mark Ruffalo, Bryan Cranston and Gloria Steinem, and it ran for 12 weeks.

“It was the highest grossing play (non-musical) of the summer, despite my offering $29 cheap seats + free student tix so ALL could afford,” Moore wrote.

Moore has always expressed his opinions on Trump and was angered that Trump would have the audacity to criticize his show.

Moore launched a site called TrumpiLeaks, a place to spill any information about Trump. He is also currently working on a film about Trump’s presidency, which will act as a continuation of his movie Fahrenheit 9/11. This movie was a political documentary speaking about George W. Bush’s exploiting of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by using the media. His new movie will be titled Fahrenheit 11/9, a flip on his last movie and the day after Trump got elected.

Another time he showed his opinion on Trump was when he wanted his audience in the Belasco Theatre to protest against Trump’s comments and lack of serious attention to the hateful events that happened in Charlottesville, VA..

Through Twitter, he continuously called out Trump and said that Trump’s entire presidency has consisted of Tweeting, and he wasn’t entirely wrong.



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