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We Need to Be Critical of the DNC and Hillary Clinton

Before I start, Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Donald Trump can ever be. That is incredibly obvious, but I wanted to state that. However,  what former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Donna Brazile just said cannot be ignored. Brazile publicly acknowledged that the DNC primary was rigged in favor of the Clinton campaign. 

So what is the back story and how did it get like this?

Simply, the DNC was broke. The Clinton campaign came in and bailed out the DNC in exchange for being their candidate. And that was monumental in how the election turned out. When this information first appeared through Wiki-leaks and Julian Assange, the Trump campaign capitalized on it while the Clinton campaign did nothing. While there were many other factors that determined the outcome of the election, this was very important in itself.

Bernie Sanders had captivated millions of Americans. He faired better against Trump in polls compared to Clinton. He single-handedly set the fair and equitable standard for American politics, by committing to cutting down on corruption, proposing fair legislation and being extremely reluctant to accept large monetary donations. That means he did not have the means of production to make a deal with the DNC like the one Clinton struck, according to Brazile.

Clinton shut Bernie down, and in doing so, shut down the voices of millions of Americans that want to make this country more equitable and fair. The DNC is corrupt, and it’s time that the average progressive American knows it.

DNC reform needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.

If the DNC wants to end corruption and make a capitalist society more equitable and fair for the average American, then it simply cannot make deals to cut expenses. That is blatant corruption and contradicts everything the DNC supposedly stands for.

It is time for the first female President to take office in this country. But that is not Hillary Clinton. Cutting corners and using your financial power to gain the Presidency is not how you make progress and put forward agendas to make America more equitable. Donna Brazile knew it, which is why she had the courage to speak out. Bernie Sanders knew it, which is why even though he was robbed of the primary, he continues to fight for this country.

That is leadership. Maybe Bernie will run again in 2020, maybe he won’t. But what matters is that the American public needs to be diligent and think as critically as ever when voting in the next election cycle. The Trump administration is a problem, but the Democratic leadership may have an even bigger one in the long run. You can’t fix the landscape of this country without fixing the problems you have from within.

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Anthony Buonopane
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Anthony is a 19 year old college student attending Boston University in Boston, MA. Anthony studies political science. He is passionate about politics and activism. He also loves sports, as well as Star Wars and Marvel movies. You can follow him on Twitter: @ant_buonopane or Instagram: @abuonopane55

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