A Modest Proposal- A Satire

In Order to Eliminate the Unjust Limitations Put Upon Men and Women Just Because of the Lying, Victimizing Whores Who Are Seeking Attention Within Society

Fact: one in every four women and one in every six men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, and  one in every six women and one in every thirty-three men will be victims of attempted or completed rape in their lifetimes. However, sexual assault is a violent crime that is the least often reported to authorities, as only about 28% of victims report their experiences. Humans, primarily women, are subjected everyday to sexual misconduct, diminished to being nothing more than something in existence simply for male pleasure. However, sexual assault against males is often overlooked because of the twisted concept in society that they should want and enjoy this negative attention, and taking it makes them more of a man. When people do speak up on their experiences, they are often met with backlash and slurs accusing them to be attention seekers, liars, or whores who were asking for it to happen. On top of this, rapists and sexual assaulters often get away with their misconduct unscathed or with minimum punishment, causing victims to feel as if their voice does not matter, or perhaps this is the way things are supposed to be. This is the society we live in. This is rape culture.

 Should men and women not be able to fulfill their sexual desires whenever they desire, with whoever they want? Whether you have on a turtleneck or a crop top, you are subject to sexual assault because ultimately, some men and women can not simply control themselves. Why should one expect another person to respect their friend, sister, brother, mother, father, or even themselves enough to keep their hands to oneself and comprehend the meaning of the word “no”? Rapists are being denied their basic rights of freedom by being considered criminal for acts of sexual assault. Their victims should be flattered to have been chosen. Therefore, it is obvious there is only one true solution to end rape culture: legalizing rape.

Firstly, the legalization of rape would cause crime rates to plummet to new lows. Prisons will be able to produce room for real criminals, like murderers or thieves without having to house rapists. Secondly, less lives will be ruined do due accusations. Whether true or false, being accused of sexual assault or rape holds the ability to tear apart someone’s life as they know it. The legalization will produce happier lives and happier citizens, therefore creating a more productive society. Thirdly, divorce rate would go down, as forcing oneself upon their partner will no longer be a valid basis for divorce, as it is legal. Fourthly, women will more comfortably be able to wear whatever they desire without the fear of causing an illegal activity. If the sight of a girl’s shoulder, collar bone, or knee arouses something in a man, it will simply be okay for them to act upon these feelings. Fifthly, the term “pedophile” will not be quite as valid. It will not be considered strange for thirty-five year old men to make advances on teenage girls, because these ideals will become normalized in society with time. Sixly, legalizaing rape makes life less complicated. This will minimize the amount of decisions a person has to make, as the decision can easily just be made for them. A person can not get mad somebody touched them inappropriately without consent because it will be allowed. Society will just continue to thrive around rape and sexual assault, sweeping them under the rug just like half of the world’s seemingly pressing issues.

 Those opposed to the legalization of rape will only continue to damage and hold back society. By normalizing these actions, opposition of these actions will no longer be prevalent, and it will not be a big ordeal or issue anymore. In reality, it should be considered a human right protected under law to indulge in whatever desires you have, not to let anyone tell you no or hold you back. All those opposed are only part of the problem  in society of attention seekers lying about a violent act to ruin other’s lives. Legalizing rape is ultimately the best solution to destroy “rape culture”, because rape will no longer exist. Anyone that fails to recognize this must support rape and hatred among people.

 I propose the legalization of rape with my country in my mind. This simple solution will undoubtedly better the conditions of world we live in by ending “rape” as we know it. All people will have the same rights and freedoms to who they want when they want. No more shaming cat-callers, physical assaults, and rapists. No more disputing whether accusing someone of sexual assault or rape means the accuser is a whore, an attention seeker, or a liar. This notion will further lead our society towards peace. 

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