In Case You Haven’t Noticed, Donald Trump Has Really Bad Judgement

“Bad judgment”. It was a phrase thrown around quite often during the 2016 presidential election, as the race boiled down to the lesser of two evils. First coined by Senator Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries to describe Secretary Clinton’s ever-changing positions on substantial issues, then appropriated by Donald Trump during the debates and his cult meetings rallies, it’s safe to say the phrase has had its fair share of usage as anti-Hillary Clinton propaganda. And although it wouldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth to claim Hillary Clinton has bad judgment, I would much rather prefer the word “selective judgment” for Secretary Clinton. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, is the textbook definition of bad judgment. In fact, it seems like throughout his whole presidency so far, Donald Trump has only been making bad decisions, and there’s simply no other word to describe them. He’s been a flip-flop, flimsy, a failure, but he has a way of making every loss for him seem like apart of his MAGA agenda, and the worst part is, his followers seem to be buying it.

His lack of conscience and insightful thinking was yet once more proven again this week, as many of his multiple nominees for Federal Judge, were withdrawn or pulled back by the White House Administration. Yes, that’s right, the single most important entity in this country which is symbolic of our government, the entity in which Donald Trump resides in, the administration which Donald Trump is supposed to work with, decided his nominees were not fit for the job. Actually, the nominees themselves displayed they were unfit for the job. I wonder how The Donald feels about that.

For someone who loves vetting, he clearly didn’t vet his nominees to see if they had a basic understanding of the legal system, as one should when holding a judicial position in the country. Most recently, nominee Mathew Peterson (who has recently withdrawn) was ridiculed on the internet after a clip showing an exchange between him and Senator Robert Kennedy went viral, showcasing that Peterson virtually knew nothing about his desired position. One after another, Peterson failed to answer basic trial questions and questions about the logistics of litigation trials, evidence, procedure, etc eventually succumbing to defeat in a less than sub-par statement where he says “I understand the challenge that would be ahead of me if I were fortunate enough to become a district court judge”, clearly showing he has no idea what he’s doing. The fact that a potential candidate for federal judge is clueless about his duties reflects upon Donald Trump, who too seems clueless about his role and duties as president. Donald Trump treats the White House, as some sort of headquarters for a big business, which is what he’s used to, and maybe in business you can bullshit your way through to the top, but in Government, when the stake is the sovereignty and freedoms of the American people, you cannot play a facade for too long.

His other two nominees for Federal Judge Bret Talley and Jeff Mateer were pulled back by the white house for defending the KKK and claiming transgender children were “proof of Satan’s plan”, respectively. They’re both clearly still stuck in the 50s so it made sense why the White House saw it in their best interest to pull them out before the general public could get too outraged. The problem is, Donald Trump didn’t see them as a problem. Whether it be Talley’s racism, Mateer’s transphobia or Peterson’s lack of knowledge and understanding. Donald Trump gave three UNDERQUALIFIED nominees a green light, but what could we expect from the man who essentially ran a campaign based on being underqualified, which he masked by claiming he was an “outsider” from corrupt DC politics. No, Donald, you’re not an outsider, you’re not anti-establishment, your just undereducated (there’s a difference).

Donald Trump has poor judgment, bad judgment, honestly, it’s terrible. The worst I’ve ever seen. Sad! Pathetic. A Huuuuge disappointment. Believe me, Donald Trump has bad judgment, that I can tell you, and anyone that says otherwise is WRONG (If you read that in Donald Trump’s voice, you get imaginary bonus points for appreciating my humor).

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr



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