How New Book “Fire and Fury” is Rocking Donald Trump’s World

Just released today, Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is already dominating the political scene. With it’s gossipy tone and intriguing inside scoop, Wolff is finally spilling the tea that we’ve all been waiting for.

Amidst the chaos of the first few months of the Trump Presidency, Michael Wolff slipped his way into the White House, posing as the perfect fly on the wall. He was a trusted writer, anything but a modern day muckraker. Wolff collected cutting-edge quotes and records of intense conversations. His original plan, as stated in the author’s note, was just to be an observer, to simply cover the first 100 days into the Trump presidency. After realizing the corruption buried deep within the Trump administration, Wolff had a change of plans. He later stated that “given the many fiefdoms in the White House that came into open conflict from the first days of the administration, there seemed no one person able to make this happen.”

With Wolff now aiming to exploit The President and his cabinet, “Fire and Fury” was born. After a few excerpts were released on Wednesday, some are saying that the book contains “wild claims” and allegedly untrue statements. The first of which is Wolff’s explanation of what Trump was thinking at the end of his campaign. Wolff claims that Trump knew he was going to lose, and that “[o]nce he lost, [he] would be insanely famous”, his kids would be “international celebrities” and Kellyanne Conway would live out her life as a cable-news reporter. Wolff states that for the Trump administration, [l]osing was winning.”

Michael Wolff also shares the crippling story of how Donald Trump grew overwhelmingly bored while being educated on the Constitution. Wolff recalls Sam Nurnberg getting only to the Fourth Amendment before Trump had his “finger pulling down on his lip and his eyes rolling back in his head.” Speculation of the validity of Michael Wolff followed this story, with many asserting his claims to be either vague or over-exaggerated.

As to be expected, Trump threw quite the tantrum after seeing the excerpts. President Trump was especially angry with former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Wolff quotes Bannon saying that he “thinks Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer […] was ‘treasonous’.” Bannon continues on by saying the he thinks “that the elder Trump may have been involved” too. Following the surfacing of these quotes, Trump posted a furious statement, claiming that Steve Bannon had “nothing to do with [him] or [his] Presidency.”

In the end, President Trump ended up doing what he does best and cried out “fake news.” On Thursday, Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder demanded that Michael Wolff and his publisher must “immediately ‘cease and desist’ from any further publication” on the book. Harder then stated that there will be an investigation into false claims made about President Trump.

As most of America has seen, the past few days have been filled with news on Wolff’s Fire and Fury and it seems as though no fuel is needed to keep this fire burning.

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