Former Corey’s Angel Poeina Suddarth Comes out Against his “Truth Campaign”

The domino effect of women speaking up about the abuse they endured continues as three brave women speak out about the psychological, physical, and emotional abuse they faced working with former child actor, Corey Feldman.

Corey Feldman claims that he established Corey’s Angels to help women in poor circumstances. He stated to The Hollywood Reporter that Corey’s Angels is a “360 management, development and production entity”. Although Feldman gave evasive answers when being interviewed about this “development and production entity”, he implied that he is controlling their diets. He got very upset at the interviewer when he was put on the spot because it seemed as if he was completely controlling the women part of Corey’s Angels. Unfortunately, it has been revealed that Feldman caused way more damage than merely controlling the women. One of Corey’s former angels, Poeina Suddarth, published a YouTube video on January 6th, 2018 speaking out about the abuse her and other former “angels” faced. Suddarth is accompanied by two other former angels who have their mouths covered by a piece of paper with the letters “NDA” written across.

She starts off her video by stating: “My name is Poeina and I’m here to talk about three things that a lot of other people don’t feel like they can talk about: Corey Feldman, Corey’s angels, and Corey’s manager Phil Shapiro.”

It was evident that she was emotionally distressed when talking about the entire situation. In the video, Suddarth revealed that the three women faced psychological, emotional, physical, and even sexual abuse while working for Corey Feldman. Suddarth states that Feldman was able to swindle her and work her to the point that she ended up in the emergency room.

Suddarth goes on to talk about why she does not support Feldman’s “Truth Campaign”, which is his attempt to raise 10 million dollars so he can make a movie exposing Hollywood’s pedophiles. She reveals something extremely disturbing. Suddarth states:

“Phil Shapiro sexually harassed me and put me in an incredibly uncomfortable situation and when I confronted my boss, Corey Feldman about this, he told me not only how Phil Shapiro sexually harassed a lot of the other angels and there have been many complaints, but also that he had sexually harassed and he had even grabbed at his wife, Courtney Feldman.”

She continues to talk about how her and the other angels were forced to work in inhumane working conditions when they were on Corey Feldman’s Heavenly Tour: “Everything from the excessive drug use, the sexual harassment and abuse that we had to endure and witness, but there was a lot of other issues. Human rights issues. Worker’s rights issues. Women’s rights issues, that were violated as a result of working for them.” 

Suddarth declared:

“The truth campaign is a total hypocrisy and a lie. And I know this because I worked for them. I was the costume designer, I was the vocal coach, I toured as the opening act… This entire campaign is a cover-up because while they’re out there parading around on this moral high ground, behind the scenes they’re not paying people. They’re sexually harassing and abusing people, and drugging people, and using drugs, and creating a completely unsafe environment for anyone to work in.”

Suddarth closes the video by encouraging others to come forward and speak out with them.

Corey Feldman is a victim of sexual abuse yet he allegedly allows women to be treated so terribly. It is horrible that this continues to go on and these vulnerable women are treated so poorly by a man who was supposed to help them. To the angels who have spoken up, thank you for being so courageous. You are truly inspiring.

The link to the video is attached below:



  1. Thank you for asking those questions! I know that when Corey’s team initially asked the writer and was blocked. But these questions should def be answered. The writers probably too busy fantasizing About corey haim. So sad. These people are like trump bots.

  2. I understand why they went to the media, in Hollywood they don’t take these accusations seriously, a lot of the Harvey Weinstein victims went to the police and nothing happened. You can’t look at that police department the same as normal departments. Look at the way the cops treated oj ( like a celebrity while he was beating the shot out of his wife 3x a week). So once that becomes unreliable then the media is the only way to put some pressure on that department to act. Feldman is a piece of shit loser who is using a charity angle to get money. That’s why he was in Hawaii a week after he cashed in the go fund me page that was made for victims . Total garbage. This is the same guy that was friends with the child molester of Cory ha after he already knew what he did. Fuckin blood sucker loser.

  3. Deb Krueger is the Freddy Krueger of the internet, clearly dense for even attacking an 18 year old student who got published. Accomplished way more than this Freddy Kruger spawn. Clearly you have no brain, this article is wuototing facts , guess you don’t like facts, probably voted for trump

  4. Diane , I understand your a victim as well when you got locked in accidentally in the mental asylum with all the inmates that took advantage of you before they rescued you. Then you had your son Freddy who then terrorized elm street. So I understand why you are so bitter

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