April Ryan: “There Has Been A War On The Press By The White House”

“There has Been a war on the press by the White House, lead by this president.” Yesterday afternoon, CNN political analyst and American Urban Radio Network Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan identified that she along with other reporters have been receiving numerous death threats for their coverage of the White House, all a part of the war against the press.

“I’ve talked to other reporters and we’ve gotten death threats being on the road,” Ryan told an astonished Brian Shelter, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, for “asking questions and reporting.” When asked by Shelter what her initial response was to the threats, Ryan said, “What do you do? You talk to your company and your company has the FBI and local police on speed dial.” In regards to other news press reporters, death threats have become more of an ongoing issue since Trump took office a year ago.

Ryan’s explanation on her recent struggles as a popularly known reporter and analyst has helped the public to better understand what goes on behind press conferences for news organizations and journalists, such as this CNN’s correspondent. Behind-the-scenes encounters that Ryan had described are few of many struggles faced in the ongoing battle reporters have been dealing with during press conferences and coverage of political events. Earlier, she had told Shelter that the press has “been under attack” this year and seemingly more than ever in the past. Confrontation between the press and White House is becoming a significant ordeal, as it it has led to the point of death threats being imposed upon journalists for performing their jobs.

Ryan confirmed to CNN that she has been receiving death threats since asking president Trump last week if he was racist during a Martin Luther King Jr event. Along with death threats, Ryan was also attacked by Fox News for the seemingly wrong question. Noted at the “Journalism in the Tryumo era” panel, Ryan said, “Unfortunately I’m the poster child on some networks now for asking questions. “I’ve been getting death threats just for asking a question.”

Despite the hardship April Ryan has been experiencing in the journalism and broadcasting world, she stated firmly to Shelter that she will continue to preform her job as a reporter in the coverage of Donald Trump and the White House.

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