Snapchat Says It’s Impossible to “Un-Update” the App

Earlier this week, Snapchat released the app’s newest installments. However, everywhere people are criticizing and urging Snapchat to un-update the new version of the app and to bring back it’s old features.

In conclusion to Snapchat’s updates, the public is expressing deep disregards for the utter redesign of the app. One significant feature of Snapchat that in the past has been most prominently popular to users was the design of viewing friend’s stories. Now users are seemingly troubled in how to access this for the feature has been moved to the friend’s page section of the app. Stories are now reachable alongside snaps and messages. In addition to this major change, group chats are now able to obtain group stories viewable inside the chat.

Snapchat has been receiving horrendous rated reviews in the App Store and through all of social media upon the release of its update. In one Snapchat review following the update, an active user said, “I really love Snapchat and I’ve been using it for years now. It’s my prime way to stay connected with friends. But today I was surprised to find that Snapchat updated while I wasn’t looking at my phone. I absolutely hate the update. Everything is so messy and unorganized.” The reviewer continued onto say, “Overall, everything is now overcrowded. Please change it back to the way it was. I understand you (Snapchat) we’re trying to make it efficient, but it is NOT WORKING.”

The company’s efforts to gain more money and new users through the app has obviously received negative feedback, resulting in concern for the app’s future product. Fans are calling for and for installments to be reversed. In response to the social media nightmare, Snapchat spokesmen recently told Inverse“Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.” Recent claims following the dissatisfaction stated throughout the twitter world has also gained feedback from Snapchat’s account. The company has been hastily responding to the harsh comments dominating Twitter.

Snapchat reportedly tweeted that reversing the app’s update will not be possible and that users should take time to adjust to the new features. “It’s not possible to revert to a previous version of Snapchat, but we’re happy to answer any questions you have about the new layout, the company tweeted repeatedly yesterday throughout the course of the week.

In another tweet that followed the threats faced of ridding the app altogether, the company apologized in a post saying, “Sorry you feel that way. Give it a chance – it may take some getting used to, but we think it’s a much better experience.”

While it is evident through numerous comments and posts of the dissatisfaction for Snapchats’ new update, reverses for the app apparently won’t be eligible. Users and fans of the popularly used app will have to adjust to the changes and compromise with the statement’s made by Snapchat on the app’s new features and design.





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