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Op-Ed: Elizabeth Warren Should Not Be President if You Don’t Want Another Trump

It will be over a week since Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced her bid for the 2020 presidential election. She has revealed many things since announcing this: that she is actually not Native American, that she has a few ideas on what she would do in office, and that she is one of the first Democrats to openly announce her candidacy amidst rumors of Joe Biden returning.

Is Elizabeth Warren ready for the presidency? 56% of her Massachussetts citizens don’t want her to run. The Boston Globe, her local paper, doesn’t want her to run. But the question is not if she should run, it is if she is ready for the presidency.

Donald Trump was elected because of his promise to Americans to “Make America Great Again.” He promised to build a wall to prevent the influx of “illegal” immigrants, promised to fix Obamacare, promised to help those in America who were disgruntled by the left liberal techniques from the Obama administration. His promises may have not been factual, bordering more on racism and xenophobia, but his promise to change Americans’ lives is what gave him the vote. Americans wanted him, wanted what he said to be true.

If Elizabeth Warren was elected president, she would need to employ the same Trump tactic of promising change and actually following through with her promises. She is offering up sound ideas currently, such as her legislation that would focus on corruption, her ideas on foreign policy and the economy. All of these are impacted by the Trump administration or are modeled similarly to Trump’s concepts.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because while President Trump may be disrespectful and uncouth, he was a good businessman and his policies are attempts to change America. Besides, Warren wants to reverse some of the damage he has done, and follow through with benefitting Americas financially. She has the knowledge of the political arena to get it done, but, like Trump, will face challenges to complete them. Elizabeth Warren has been called divisive by the Boston Globe, like Trump was called by voters, and is hated by Republicans as much as she is loved by her own party, like Trump was.

Having an Elizabeth Warren is like having a Donald Trump. After the Obama era, Trump’s completely different promise of change sounded amazing to millions of dissatisfied Americans. During Trump’s presidency, Americans are dissatisfied with him and looking to find someone else who can offer a completely different platform and ideology. Elizabeth Warren can give you that. However, politics is not always black or white. Ideas, legislation and people are not set in stone and can change. A Republican turned Democrat, Elizabeth Warren knows both sides well and she is eager to offer that change you all want. She can give it to you. But do you want another Donald?

Perhaps Elizabeth Warren will drop out of the race, maybe she won’t win. But she represents what America wants. A change. A promise. What looks like an opposite, but may very well be the same.

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