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How A Society That Roots For White Male Underdogs Created Incel Subculture

Hell hath no fury like a single cis-het white man scorned. The Context One of the more dangerous trends to arise in recent years is characterized by the public sympathizing with and analyzing evil, sociopathic men. Specifically, ones that have targeted women. This is made evident by television’s overwhelming coverage of serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, as well as Star Wars fans’ affinity for Kylo Ren that extends past just liking him “as


How to Uncreate an Unreality in the Era of Misinformation

In this climate, of absolute uncertainty, chaos, rhetoric and entropy, we are accustomed to beliefs that frame politicians and leaders as either villains or heroes. We are sentenced to a fate where you really feel like you are not quite sure what world you are in, if it’s real or if it’s fake. Hell is digital, heaven is digital. News broke recently of British MPs warning us all that social media has shape-shifted politics too much,


Do Statistics Really Lie?

Statistics play a vital role in today’s society – they quantify our experiences and, in many cases, make these experiences more tangible for others. When one thinks of statistics, they may think of percentages: about 10 percent of people are left-handed, about 85 percent of American children believe in Santa, and about 59 percent of people don’t read the articles they share. However, statistics also involves whole numbers, decimals, and intervals; it involves life expectancy,


Consanguineous Marriages: A Cultural Crisis

From the Latin word consanguinitas, consanguinity is defined as ‘blood relation,’ as an another individual being descended from the same ancestor carrying some or a few similar genes. Accordingly, consanguineous marriages are a union between two individuals who are related; be it first or second cousins relating from the same progenitor when they look back into and carefully observe their family tree right from a few years ago. Theologically, according to Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married


Op-ed: We Need to Cancel Burnout Culture

The New York Times recently published a piece about the millennial generation engaging in #hustleculture. Clocking in 18 hours, the younger generation is apparently looking for meaning now that religion is no longer prevalent and work is that drive. Notably absent from the article is the increase of burnout. Burnout is defined loosely as exhaustion, alienation from work due to stress and frustration, and reduced drive to work. It is a deep focus on work

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Antisemitism in America: Undeniable, Dangerous & On The Rise

America is rapidly becoming a more and more dangerous place for Jews. With recent attacks, rallies, and complacency from the White House, it’s more clear than ever just how extreme the hatred towards Jewish people has become. White and Christian supremacy hate groups function on the belief that Christians and whites are above all others. According to the KKK website, “Non-whites who reside in America should be expected to conduct themselves according to Christian principles


Gen Z is Here, and They’re Going to Fix the World’s Mess

Baby boomers structured the system. Millennials disrupted the system. Gen Z is here to fix the mess. Though the starting point of Generation Z (“Gen Z”) is highly disputed, it dances anywhere between 1995 and 2005, meaning millennials watched the birth of YouTube, and Gen Z experienced the dawn of Vine. Millennials enjoyed being the trophy generation, handed participation certificates left and right. Gen Z were forced into an academic, physical and digital world more


Op-Ed: Elizabeth Warren Should Not Be President if You Don’t Want Another Trump

It will be over a week since Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced her bid for the 2020 presidential election. She has revealed many things since announcing this: that she is actually not Native American, that she has a few ideas on what she would do in office, and that she is one of the first Democrats to openly announce her candidacy amidst rumors of Joe Biden returning. Is Elizabeth Warren ready for the presidency? 56% of


The Power and Privilege of the White Frat Boy

Jacob Walter Anderson accepted a plea deal on Monday. This meant he would not be registered as a sex offender, and would not serve any jail time after being accused of leading a drunk girl in a secluded area, raping her repeatedly, and leaving her face down to suffocate in her own vomit. He was a former president of Baylor University fraternity, and the judge reportedly has been lenient on cases  over the years involving men


Why We Still Need Social Justice

It’s almost 2019, and with all the progress that has been made towards representation, equality, and human rights, some people (namely those who are white, straight and/or cis) have been wondering whether or not the fight for social justice is even necessary anymore in the U.S. While it’s true that America has come a long way, even in the last half century, we are still far from the finish line of a society where everyone

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