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Real Life

Stop Making College Textbooks So Expensive

  I complain about college textbook prices every semester, and I will continue to until I graduate. It’s a sticky, unavoidable situation and for college students, our only source of relief is expressing our great frustration. Purchasing a book for $300 better have a map to the Fountain of Youth or El Dorado for it to be worth a couple months of rent. If you’re not familiar with the struggle, it goes as follows: Our

Real Life

I Don’t Say the Pledge of Allegiance and Here’s Why

Since I was four years old in preschool, I stood up once a day in the morning, put my hand over my heart and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to an American flag hanging over the blackboard every single day. After it was over, we would all sit back down and carry on with our planned day. I never thought much of it, why should I at such a young age? It was engraved in

Real Life

Immigration Took My Dad Away

It was eleven at night on a Wednesday and I sat with my legs crossed, back against the car window, reading the last chapters of a book I had been assigned in class. I could hear the soft breathing of my brother sleeping in the front seat, and the hum of the Beatles album that my dad loved to play when he was driving. I could feel the slow movement of the car as it

Real Life

50 Things I Learned in High School

 Yeah, it’s nothing like High School Musical, or One Tree Hill, or Degrassi, or… you get the idea. Focus on yourself, always. No one is having as much fun as their social media makes it seem. “Facebook Depression” is real. Take an extended break from your phone (one day, 3 days, a week), you will feel better and be more creative and have way more free time. Your grades don’t define you. Your test scores

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Schools Should Focus On Education Instead Of Stupid Rules

  What with school inspections, visits from important people and parents, schools aim to be more than above average, which they may achieve or ultimately fail at through its students and the rules these students are obliged to follow (OR ELSE). Without further ado, here are some of the dumbest school rules from real schools: Numero Uno: Bringing expensive things such as pieces of jewelry, branded school supplies, toys, school bags and rubber shoes, cellular

Real Life

How Attending An All White School Changed Me

Being from Chicago, my parents never gave me the option of going to public school. They grew up within the Chicago Public School system and refused to send me anywhere that was not private, Catholic, or both. As a result, when it came time for high school, I applied to seven different private high schools. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into all seven leaving the decision up to me. I had a variety

Real Life

Frank Ocean Doesn’t Owe You Anything (and Neither Do Other Musicians)

2012 was a good year for music. Fiona Apple finally dropped something, alt-J released their only exciting album, and the world had not yet suffered from the influx of The xx inspired photo edits (Coexist first saw the light of day in 2012). We had only briefly been acquainted with the super collective Odd Future, fronted by the explosive, unhinged Tyler the Creator, who brought the collective to mainstream audiences in 2011 after the music

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Do Not Take Your Education For Granted

In the Western World, it’s commonplace to take your education for granted because it’s something we’re accustomed to, and it’s handed to us the minute we are born for free (until University of course). Most of us, thankfully, are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn in the school environment and experience the benefits of having so. But not all of us are so lucky, and I don’t think enough of us are aware

Real Life

Let’s Talk About Drugs

  Drugs have been a part of our culture pretty much since the beginning of civilization. From Dionysus of Greek mythology to Miley Cyrus’ 2013 song “We Can’t Stop”, we have become immune to hearing someone mention the name or nickname of a substance. Drugs have been glamorized and romanticized for centuries, and will probably continue to be. We shouldn’t, however, dismiss its dangers despite it being a popular subject in art. Although some people have

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The Perfect Relationship Doesn’t Exist

Billions of dollars have been made from the low self esteems of millions of people all around the globe and their search for romance. Too many movies have been made about the lost case of a woman who is just about to give up when she meets the *gasps* love of her life on the subway. As we advance into a multi-technological time a new form of love hunting has been developed through the shape

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