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Being A Transgender Student In 2019: Compromise of Government and LGBT Community

The moves that my school has made provides a starting point for discussions about transgender students, and the unique issues we face when approaching college. While I am forever grateful to be able to avoid being deadnamed in my school system, I can’t help but feel as if a plan must be put into place providing school systems with the proper limits, boundaries, and resources to create an environment that’ll allow us to succeed like our peers. Performing at the best possible level is the only thing a student...


An Open Letter to the Social Justice Warriors of the Web

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way shape or form meant to serve as some form of ridiculous judgement or ‘shade throwing’, it is merely based on my personal observations as seen on the internet and is strictly then a generalization,  if this does not apply to you, great wonderful my sincerest apologies for lumping you into a large group of people. THIS IS MY OWN OPINION, which you can choose to take into consideration or discard


Too Light To Fit In, Too Dark To Be Accepted

I’m fully Hispanic, Mexican actually, but people still don’t see me as a Latina because of my very pale skin. Sorry I don’t meet your “Hispanic girl standards?” I’ve noticed that many people sort of determine your ethnicity because of your skin color and it’s insulting, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong to your race because of how you look. I’ve witnessed this multiple times at school; people talk about a certain


Are We Living Through Social Media?

You see a photo of her, and her, and her, and in your mind, you begin to question all the people who told you that your hair is beautiful and that your eyes sparkle when you smile. Because when you see those other girls, you can’t help but think to yourself, ‘they’re beautiful, and I just don’t look anything like them.’

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