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An Open Letter to Those Lacking in Self-Love

To whomever needs this, of any gender, age, sex, or color. You are beautiful. The very existence of human organisms in such a vast and diverse universe is far more beautiful than anyone gives it credit for. You are walking proof of evolution and advancement over time (even if evolution isn’t your thing, you can’t deny basic human development). So many cells worked so hard – reproducing, specializing, collecting into tissues and organs – just

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Society Reminds Young Women They Will Never Be Enough

Growing up is always hard. Your body, your mind and the world around you is changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. You stress about everything from school to your appearance, and some people just seem to make it worse. As a young woman, it seems like you have to be everything at once. You have to be skinny, but curvy in the right parts (what does that even mean). You have to be

Real Life

You NEED This One Tip To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Year after year, we dedicate a certain amount of time in the late days of December re-evaluating our actions of the past 360 or so days, analysing our thought patterns and identifying our unhealthy habits in the hopes that this is the first step in rectifying them – and indeed it is. But no one struggles with the first step. It’s the second step that defines the effectiveness of your New Year’s Resolutions. Most of

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You Can’t Find Beauty in a Mascara Tube

I got acne when I was 9 years old. I’m 13 now and still have it. I don’t think people understand how much it affects me. I get bullied for it. People tell me “it’s not Halloween yet.” And “What’s wrong with you?” The comment above has 164 likes on YouTube. A ribbon of replies follow: ‘I can relate’, ‘I feel your pain’, ‘people can be so cruel’. New sob-stories swell by the hour, each

Real Life

You’re Not Selfish, You Just Wanna Be Happy

From a young age, I always found it hard to let go of things when I grew out of them; clothes, stuffed animals, my strawberry 2-piece bathing suit. As I grew older, I would hold onto to more meaningful aspects of my life; relationships, friendships, other cute bathing suits. So naturally, I became a hoarder of feelings…and bathing suits. Many times I’ve tried cleaning out my life and my room, relieving myself of boys, friends,


Body Positivity Doesn’t Look So Positive Anymore

When I was in sixth grade I saw skinny girls and I thought they were beautiful, and I thought that because everyone else did. My dream body was a flat stomach even while sitting, so every day I would work out and eat healthy to the point where my mom began to get worried I was too focused on it. I told her not to worry, and that I was only working so hard so

Real Life

Here’s to the Ones Who Don’t Have Plans After High School

I know the feeling; the feeling of stagnancy and ineptitude. That self-loathing that you just can’t seem to shake. The mini panic attacks residing in a compilation of words – “Am I good enough?” “Will I make something of myself?”- or Instagram posts thrust upon us by our seemingly more “put-together” former classmates. There’s nothing worse than the thought that you’re, in the words of my mother, “floundering.” But for all of those who have

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