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Fast Fashion Is Killing People (Seriously!)

In 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed. The tragedy claimed the lives of over 1000 garment workers and injured many more. Immediately after the collapse happened, blame was pointed to several parties. The building was damaged and unsafe, so the mayor was to blame because he leased it out. Some pointed out that the workers were urged to come despite the risk, so it was the owner’s fault. The real culprit exposed


Feminism And T-Shirts: Unpacking The Not-So-Simple Relationship

These last couple of years, it’s been pretty hard to miss how the clothing industry has overflown with feminist statement tees. With slogans like “the future is female” and “girl power” being repeated on t-shirt after t-shirt, feminist messages have become one of the go-to prints on women’s clothing. The role of this phenomenon goes far beyond a normal fashion trend; its existence is an important part of a larger discussion since it reflects a


The One-Size Stigma: Stop Oversimplifying Body Types

Inclusive campaigns and lines have been created by several international brands in order to cater for all different body types. They include clothes for plus-sized girls, petite pieces for shorter or thinner ladies and longer wears for those who are a few inches taller than the average; and this is amazing. Almost nothing feels better than when one goes shopping and finds somethin`g that will fit them even if they do not meet the stereotypical


How New French Laws are Promoting Body-Positivity in the Modeling Industry

France has always been known for its fashion. When thinking of Paris, one thinks of good food, the Eiffel Tower, and in many cases, luxurious style. However, with the technological developments in the past decades, fashion and beauty seem to have become synonymous to impractically thin bodies. Many medical professionals, such as those at the AMA, have expressed concern that the promotion of these body types can lead to negative body image and even eating

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How My Stereotypes Only Made Me Stronger

The definition of a stereotype is “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing,” but we all know that stereotypes are so much more than that. Stereotypes degrade, defame, humiliate, and break down their victims by attacking the core of their being, whether it be race, gender, sexuality, etc. And the worst thing about a stereotype is that you can never escape them or change


10 Brands You Should Know That Donate To Good Causes

If you’d like to rep cool merchandise and donate to good causes then this is the list for you. Know that, with your money, every time you’re making a purchase you’re contributing to the bigger picture. Here are few of many brands that you can find that you know do their part in actively helping out the world we live in: Sandcloud — This brand’s mission is to help protect marine life. They donate 10% of

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Dear Forever 21, Who Are You Making Clothes For?

Instagram, twitter, ads: fit, beautiful models, with flawless makeup and sculpted bodies follow us everywhere. Though it has been happening for the last 70 or so years, impossibly skinny figures have been set as a goal for everyone to reach. They are seen as the ideal body, the expectation, the epitome of societal beauty. We see it everywhere, especially shopping online. Though stores such as Fashion Nova depict curvier models on their sites and even


France’s Ban on “Extremely Thin Models” Has Come Into Effect

France has officially passed an anti-skinny-model law, stating that all media platforms and fashion and beauty business who advertise ‘unhealthily thin models’ will be subjected to crime. From this day forward, models will now be required to provide a doctor’s certificate, outlining their overall physical health with a special regard to their body mass index (BMI)––a measure of the body weight and height ratio, according to BBC News. A label on all photoshopped images on


Fashion Revolution Week And How You Can Get Involved

On April 24 every year, the organization Fashion Revolution memorializes the deaths of 1138 people after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory by kicking off a week dedicated to making an ethical difference in the fashion community. Fashion Revolution Week runs from April 24th-3oth. The primary objective is to encourage consumers to ask their beloved brands for more transparency on their labour practices. It is a fabulous way to humanize labour workers whose rights have

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John L. Cook — The Argentinian Clothing Brand Using The Confederate Flag As Its Logo

John L. Cook was established in Buenos Aires, 1975 and reached its popularity peak during the 80’s and 90’s. Today, it is considered one of Argentina’s most high-fashion/cool clothing brand regarding the “hippie” style; Cook’s owner Emiliano Fitá makes $140 millions from it. Being an Argentinian myself, I’ve seen this brand’s stores in most malls, people wear their clothes, my own friends sporting their clothing items and accessories. Slight problem: the brand’s logo is the Confederate

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