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What Jussie Smollett’s Felony Charges Mean For LGBTQ Victims of Assault

Falsifying claims of homophobic and racist actions can lead to grave consequences for those who regularly face persecution. On the morning of Jan. 29, actor Jussie Smollett was approached in Chicago by two people in ski masks who yelled racist, homophobic slurs at him, beat him, poured an unknown chemical (rumored to be bleach) over him, and even fastened a noose around his neck before fleeing the area. Smollett fought back, and once his assailants


Why We Still Need Social Justice

It’s almost 2019, and with all the progress that has been made towards representation, equality, and human rights, some people (namely those who are white, straight and/or cis) have been wondering whether or not the fight for social justice is even necessary anymore in the U.S. While it’s true that America has come a long way, even in the last half century, we are still far from the finish line of a society where everyone


Why the Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case Is Such a Big Deal

Earlier this week, the case Masterpiece Bakery Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission was heard by the Supreme Court. For those who aren’t aware, this case comes from an event which occurred in 2015 when Charlie Craig and David Mullins walked into Masterpiece Bakery to purchase a cake for their upcoming wedding after the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States. Upon entering, the men were met with the owner, Jack Phillips who, when asked


DUPed out of a Decent Future? The Controversy Surrounding the Potential DUP/Tory Government

The recent UK general election results were, as usual, a little bit of a shock. Firstly, despite a very popular campaign by the Labour Party, fronted by Jeremy Corbyn, and their popularity increase by almost 10% of the vote share, they failed to get majority. The Conservative Party, who were ahead by only 2.4% of vote share, were given over 50 seats more than Labour, due to our First Past The Post voting system hyper-representing the party


We Need To Drop The Terms Monosexual and Straight Passing From LGBT Discourse

Despite the ever growing number of people involved in it, the modern LGBT movement, especially on websites such as Tumblr or Twitter, is a complete mess. In turn, discourse on issues in the LGBT community – namely the never ending debates between gay people and bisexual people – have given rise to common terminology in these circles of discourse: “monosexual” and “straight passing.” These terms have become so prevalent in online conversation, it is swept


How Microaggressions Toward LGBT People Are Harmful

Dictionary.com defines microaggressions as a subtle but offensive comment or action directed at a minority or other non-dominant group that is often unintentional and unconsciously reinforces a stereotype. Microaggressions have been infamously known to target people of color, LGBTQ+ people, etc. The perpetrators of these aggressions are usually never aware of what they do, and when they are they don’t see an issue, and that’s the issue. “Your music can literally not get any gayer,” well no


The Yogyakarta Principles, an Effort to Protect the LGBTQ+ Community

From Dec. 6 until Dec. 9, 2006, a meeting conducted by groups of human rights experts, such as a former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations independent experts, people who were members of the United Nations treaty bodies, activists, judges and academics, was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They discussed a set of rules which would be able to protect the rights of people in the LGBTQ+ community and make sure that their


Heteronormativity Is Not the New Normal

In a few cases of friendship, a bond between a male and a female – no matter how close or far the distance is – will tend make people see it as a platonic to romantic relationship. This kind of perspective will grow into the prediction that both of them will date each other. Somehow, this kind of thought makes men and women uncomfortable that they don’t feel like befriending with the opposite sexes. It


Quick Self Care Tips for LGBTQ+ For These Next Four Years

Fear is a word that does not do justice to describe the flood of suffocating negative energy crackling within the community resulting of the new President-elect, and the behaviors his ignorance and irresponsibility has come to inspire and normalize. Within a world of Alt-Right and internet-troll Youtuber romanticism, casual homophobia and transphobia, and lack of representation, the feelings of erasure, invalidation of emotions, and in some cases, giving up on a better world (as we


First Amendment Defense Act Openly Allows Discrimination To People Who Are LGBTQ+

After the election of President-Elect Trump, Republican leaders have been planning the next four years with the idea of a Republican president and a Republican controlled house. With a majority and the executive branch also Republican, leaders are discussing the kinds of legislation they would have a better chance in passing that were previously denied. On June 17, 2015, Republicans introduced a bill to the House called the First Amendment Defense Act which essentially restricts

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