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Mental Health

To Parents of Depressed Children

Having a child who is suffering from a mental illness can be worrying, tiring, and stressful — especially if they’re a teenager since their feelings are already all over the place. Most of the time, your child won’t tell you what is wrong, why they had a bad day, or why they’re sobbing in their bedrooms in the dark. That doesn’t mean they don’t want you to help or even be around them. Here are

Mental Health

Losing a Child to Suicide Can Have Devastating Effects for Parents

The suicide of a loved one hits unexpectedly and there is no way anyone could be ready for it. The signs are nearly impossible to see, it can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. In most situations, it is a big shock for family members and close friends. Suicide is something people think will never happen to someone they love. Losing someone to suicide is unimaginable. It is a traumatic experience that can have lasting impacts.

Mental Health

Dear Parents of Colour, You Need To Have an Open Dialogue With Your Kids Regarding Mental Health

Few people are privy to the fact that July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. As many people know, mental health is something that does not discriminate when it comes to race. Because of this, however, it can be and is much harder on children of colour who suffer from a mental illness(es) due to their ethnic backgrounds. As a person of colour myself, I can definitely attest to this. I’m the first generation daughter

Real Life

The Forgotten Part of History: Latino Veterans

As I brush over my photo albums, I distinctly remember my childhood as an ever moving family. We moved schools after schools, state after state, and this was because my father was in the military. Now, everything you’re picturing about your typical military family is absolutely right. We welcomed home my dad with obnoxiously huge signs, held BBQ cookouts with other army families that accompanied annoying toddlers, and most of all, we battled the military stigma.

Real Life

The Impossibility of Going to College Independently

There are many ways to go about getting and paying for a degree: financial aid, scholarships, student loans, parents’ money, pay as you go, etc. But most likely, if you are attending a four-year university, then you have to take out a hefty loan with a parent co-signer. Now, parents aren’t absolutely required to sign a loan for students, but they must meet the criteria for being an independent student — which are mainly uncommon


An Interview with Body Positive & Pro-Women Unity Band, The Mrs

To the untrained eye, Mandy Prater, Andra Liemandt, Jenny Mason, and Larissa Ness are a foursome distinctly attuned to overbrimming sippy cups, the tenor of an instrument, and the unparalleled vivaciousness of the marrow of Austin, Texas.  Howbeit, beneath the cotton muddied with fingerpaints and the blistered knuckles from timber drumsticks, the quarter are acknowledged as an all-female rock-pop fusion ensemble designated The Mrs. Andra, the aforementioned founding member and leading drummer, “—began writing songs to

Mental Health

It’s Okay To Let Go Of An Abusive Parent

Sometimes you have to let go of a friend that is being toxic, or a romantic partner that is too possessive or controlling. And that it very hard already. But what happens when you have to let go of the person that is supposed to love you the most ? The hardest part is probably to realise that your parent is being abusive. Just like in any toxic relationship, realising that there is something wrong


5 Things I Wish My Parents Knew When I Came Out

When I came out to my parents about a year and a half ago, I was one of the very fortunate LGBTQ+ kids to be met with positive and loving responses from my parents. However, while my parents made it clear that they love and support me no matter what, there are still some things I wish (and still wish) they knew when I came out. 1.My identity is real and incredibly valid. I understand

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