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The Damage a White-Centric Education Has on Young People of Color

With it being Black History Month in the UK, it’s that time of year when schools pretend to care about black history for a week before returning to their ethnocentric education. It’s that ironic month where pupils sit in school assemblies where they watch videos about how a lack of representation in school subjects can affect pupils of color before going to their history lessons where they’ll learn about the Tudor period for the fifth time in their


How the #Blindian Project is Reducing Stigma Around Black-Indian Couples

We often talk about the racism against black people in Western countries (note: Black Lives Matter) such as the U.S. and Europe. But what about the racial discrimination that is rampant in the East, in countries like India? Indian society, a society pockmarked with flaws that I have often become too familiar with, has a problem accepting even its own darker citizens. You can read about the colorism against darker South Indians and the uncomfortable


White People — Stop Comparing Racism to Other Systems of Oppression

Content warning: sinophobic slurs, homophobic slurs, mentions of violence. Recently I came across a conversation online within the LGBTQIA+ community, in which I witnessed a white gay man compare homophobia to racism. He asserted that it was because gay people had gotten help from straight people that marriage equality had been granted in the U.S., then going on to state that it was because of white people that all laws that permitted racism had been

Make Up & Hair

We Are Tired of Being in the Shadow: 10 WOC-Owned Brands That Deserve To Be Household Names

For what seems to be forever, people of color have been hidden away from the rightful spotlight they deserve of the makeup/skincare industry. We are now in 2017 and although we have made some progress, we still have a lot to improve on. As a young girl I rarely saw people of color on covers of makeup brands or magazines, I never saw darker skin toned Barbies for the barbie dream makeup salon. My play makeup never


Dear Asians: We Need To Address the Anti-Blackness in Our Community

Image: Jama Abdirahman, The Seattle Globalist Content warning: Anti-black slurs The first time I began to realize that there was anti-blackness in our community was a few months ago when one of my Chinese family members told me to beware of black men on the street. I was warned to walk on the other side of the road if there was a “gang” of them, as she said there was a high chance they would steal my


Anti-Blackness Among PoC: Why Solidarity Is Impossible

I should’ve been shocked when I heard about the recent assault of an unidentified black woman in an Asian-owned beauty supply shop. After all, the footage is brutal: although the woman is heard saying “Check my bag. I’m telling you I don’t have anything,” store-owner Sung Ho Lim kicks and strangles her, confident that she’s a thief. As she writhed helplessly under his grip I thought of Latasha Harlins, the 15-year-old black girl shot in


Why The Lack Of Color On Youtube Is A Problem

If you’re engaged online you most likely have heard of Youtubers such as Zoella, PewDiePie, Marcus Butler and Dan and Phil. Although, this is naming just a few of the “big faces” of Youtube, an extremely popular video platform. Whether you’re a fan or couldn’t care less about them; there is a worrying fact about all these famous creators – the vast majority of them are white. Your initial response might be “So what? They


Just Because You Don’t Have European Features Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Beautiful

It’s 2017. Sadly, much to our disappointment, times still haven’t improved for people of color. For starters, the preference for those who possess European features is still prevalent throughout our society. Though this flawed logic has been normalized and passed on from one generation to another, it is time to address the truth: we are all beautiful in our own special ways. It is unclear who decided that European features would be known as the epitome

Real Life

Asian American College Applicants Are Being Urged To Appear “Less Asian”, And I’m Not Surprised

Ivy Coach, a Manhattan company directed by Brian Taylor, is urging Asian Americans to “appear less Asian when they apply” for college applications. It is highly recommended that they lower their “Asianness” by picking another musical instrument or playing a different sport in high school, all in an attempt to avoid what James Chen, the founder of Asian Advantage College Consulting, calls “the Asian penalty”. This does not surprise me. As someone who is a white-passing


Want to Help Push for Equality, but Feel Helpless? Check out These Resources

When you become cognizant of the massive structures of intersectional socioeconomic oppression within our world, it can be daunting, and make you feel as though your actions and your voice are somehow small compared to such immense issues. There much validity in feeling this way, because structures of such hatred are terrifying, and they are huge, but their massiveness in no way lessens the power of your fire for equality. Anything born of love (aka activism ) is

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