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You Can Be Queer And Muslim — Don’t Let The Media Lie To You

Well, it’s pretty obvious that being queer alone is hard and my religion’s view towards my (LGBTQ+) community is adding the weight to my closeted queer self. I identify myself as a pansexual, gender-fluid human being, and a Muslim although I’m not religious at all still, I know several things about my religion. I find it really hard to keep my sexual orientation hidden because I am surrounded with mild religious environment, my families from both


It’s Necessary To Start Acknowledging LGBT+ Identities in Schools

Given that the world we live in so often erases queer identities from the lives of young people, it is imperative that young queer children see themselves throughout history just as much as straight and cisgender students do. We live in a world that constantly demeans LGBT+ people just for being who they are, and hardly any straight, cisgender adult is willing to discuss LGBT+ identities with children because they’re still thought of as “adult”


The Yellow Power Ranger From The New Movie Might Be Queer And We’re Here For It

Honestly speaking, the new Power Rangers remake looks dope. From what the trailer conveys, the cinematography is clean, the acting is decent, and the plot is as well-executed than ever. A remake of the 23-year-old franchise in 2017 may seem a bit tired, but there’s something about the new movie that feels fresh and unique. Perhaps it’s the array of familiar faces in the cast, such as Elizabeth Banks from The Hunger Games and recording


Why Queer Power Is Important

Since the dawn of the Gay and Trans Liberation Movements, the focus and goal of the LGBTQ+ community has been inclusion, health, and pride. And even through the AIDS epidemic at its height in the 80’s and a revival of religious intolerance through tele-evangelization, the queer community has stood strong in the face of adversity. We have stood strong with the expression of pride. But where did the phrase ‘queer power’ go? The ideal of


An Interview With Shyam Konnur About Living The Activist Life

Shyam Konnur, a famous figure based in India for his active contributions to the LGBTQ+; not only an activist but a role model for people going through tough changes when accepting their sexuality or sexual preferences especially considering the region of the world they are situated in, their family virtues and religious upbringings. Shyam agreed to answer a few questions in order to spread awareness about how pride and commitment can bring about the sort of


Quick Self Care Tips for LGBTQ+ For These Next Four Years

Fear is a word that does not do justice to describe the flood of suffocating negative energy crackling within the community resulting of the new President-elect, and the behaviors his ignorance and irresponsibility has come to inspire and normalize. Within a world of Alt-Right and internet-troll Youtuber romanticism, casual homophobia and transphobia, and lack of representation, the feelings of erasure, invalidation of emotions, and in some cases, giving up on a better world (as we

pictures of David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael

The Queer Icons Lost in 2016 Were Devastating

This year has been disastrous, not only in terms of US electoral politics but also for 80’s pop stars and their fans. Thousands of people have mourned the 2016 deaths of David Bowie, Prince and, most recently, George Michael. I recently came across this tweet highlighting the diverse gender expressions of these three men. Raise a glass to presenting gender and sexuality any damn way you please pic.twitter.com/114xx72j0w — ann (@anyharder) December 26, 2016  The


It’s Official: Wonder Woman is Queer

Until 1989, the mention of homosexuality was forbidden and omitted from mainstream comics in the United States by the CCA. Since then, we have had the chance to witness openly queer characters from Archie Comics to Marvel. With the new Wonder Woman movie coming out in 2017, and October (LGBT awareness month) just around the corner, it seems fitting that Wonder Woman’s sexual orientation no longer continues to be ambiguous or tied to heteronormativity. Comic book writer


How Young Thug is Capitalizing On Queer Style

At the age of twelve or thirteen, I’d lie at my mother’s feet and listen to her talk about her experiences growing up. She was born in 1960. My favorite story that she would tell me would be the one of her coming home to her now late brother’s excitement and howling one day after school. She remembers him yelling, “Black people! Black people are on television! Black people are dancing on television!” Soul Train


The Dilemma Of Growing Up Queer In A Strict Religious Family

I won’t be getting too personal in this article, and I won’t share my experience too much, either. This topic is very sensitive to me, and I’ve hesitated a lot before writing this. However, I want to help people who might be in the same situation as me, because I know how painful it is to be unable to be completely yourself around the people that are supposed to love you the most. I grew

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