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Just Face It, Your Fave Is Problematic

I get it. I’ve spent all of my teenage years obsessing, fangirling over something. While I sailed my way from Alternative Rock to One Direction and going back to my childhood guilty pleasure, K-Pop, I have had my fair share of faves that I would kill and die for. However, as I matured, so did my judgment. I had to have long conversations with myself, telling me that, in order for me to keep appreciating


The Pain Gap: Racism in the Medical World

  It’s a well-known fact that racial bias and discrimination are (unfortunately) commonly seen in society. These things can prove to be detrimental if you just so happen to be any skin color except white. So we know that these setbacks exist and that they are bad, but exactly how much harm can they cause a non-white person? Exactly how much pain does racial bias and discrimination inflict on a person? Well, simply put, a


An Open Letter to the National Socialist Movement

On the day of the “Turn Your Back on Hate” silent protest, there were violent clashes between protesters, police and neo-Nazi groups in Stone Mountain, Ga. The approach of the protesters at Stone Mountain was disorganized, and they quickly turned into a trending topic on Twitter rather than truly getting their message across. Tensions were high at the “Turn Your Back on Hate” protest in Rome after seeing what happened in Stone Mountain. Despite the


A Quick Guide to Not Offend Your Friends of Color

To all who are not people of color (poc), when having a friendship with a black person or another poc, there are some things that are not okay to do, and having a poc friend does not excuse you for these behaviors. Here is a quick guide of 5 main things to avoid  to not offend your friend or ruin your friendship. You are not allowed to touch and fondle their hair without permission. People


5 Disney Songs That Are Actually Horrible For Kids To Hear

Disney movies are notorious for their catchy, memorable songs that children’s minds seem to love to grab on to. That’s great for some – after all, who doesn’t love singing along to Disney classics. When listening to some of the songs of the most popular Disney movies, you might actually be surprised at how inappropriate the lyrics are. Here is a list of some Disney songs that you definitely don’t want our youth to listen


Too Light To Fit In, Too Dark To Be Accepted

I’m fully Hispanic, Mexican actually, but people still don’t see me as a Latina because of my very pale skin. Sorry I don’t meet your “Hispanic girl standards?” I’ve noticed that many people sort of determine your ethnicity because of your skin color and it’s insulting, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong to your race because of how you look. I’ve witnessed this multiple times at school; people talk about a certain


Why We Should Have Seen Trump Coming

Donald Trump’s rise has ravaged the body of the United States like a fatal disease discovered too late: silent, destructive and wreaking havoc past repair. Last year no one thought that a man so blatantly racist could have a viable chance of being the president of our country. From ranting about Mexican immigrants  (“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”) to suggesting a ban on Muslims from entering the nation, political commentators dismissed Trump

Feminism, Race

Colorism in the Age of Lemonade

We’re in the midst of a black girl renaissance. Beyoncé’s release of Lemonade, an unapologetic celebration of black womanhood, confirmed this. While this shift may seem revolutionary to other communities, I’m hesitant of this newfound confidence. Of course I’m all for the advancement of black self-love, but I clearly see some of our own being left behind. Dark skinned girls and women are still being slandered for their looks, and we as a whole can’t


Stop Whitewashing Our History

Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably one of the most well known figures in American history, with students of all ages knowing his major impact he had on the Civil Rights Movement. He has a national holiday dedicated to him, he is praised by all major political parties and he appears in school curriculum as early as preschool. But how many students know the true extent of political views in depth? When King is brought

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