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5 Ways Teachers Can Be More Inclusive of Transgender Students

Navigating the world whilst being a transgender teenager can be hard, especially in school. Not only must we come to terms with and figure out our gender, but we are also expected to somehow deal with transphobia and cisnormativity and still maintain high grades and performance. It’s hard sometimes just getting out of bed and going to school when the world is constantly telling us that we’re deceitful Peeping Toms who are all mentally ill as a result of


Feminism, Fluidity and Finding Yourself: An Interview with Jennifer Weishaupt, Director of Girls Rock Athens

My hometown of Athens, Georgia, a blue dot amidst a sea of statewide conservatism, attracts attention for more than University of Georgia football — music is just as big here. Nationally-recognized names such as the B-52’s, REM, the Drive-by Truckers, of Montreal, Kishi Bashi, Monsoon, and Modern Skirts all call Athens home.  Girls Rock Camp Athens (GRA), a local nonprofit, combines the progressive environment of the Classic City with the vibrant music scene to offer


New York City Now Requires Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms In Schools

New York City schools have recently required all public schools to have gender-inclusive bathrooms for both non-binary students, transgender students, and even those with handicaps or disabilities. Since President Trump has revoked protections for those students who do not identify as male or female or identify as the opposite gender. During Barack Obama’s presidency, schools were required to allow students to use the restroom of their identifying gender; however, the Trump administration removed these federal guidelines


Intentionally Misgendering Transgender People is Considered Violence

We can all agree that purposefully calling someone a name is disrespectful, correct? And we know that it’s wrong when we accidentally assume, theoretically, that a person whose name may be gender neutral such as “Sam” or “Alex”’s gender? If so, then why are people still constantly misgendering transgender people on purpose? According to the World Health Organization, violence is referred to as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against


5 Trans YouTubers You Need To Watch This Transgender Visibility Day

Note: Pronouns are indicated by round brackets, closed captioning on videos is denoted by square brackets March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day for celebration and awareness for all transgender people. Founded by Rachel Crandall in 2009, the day has become a day loved and enjoyed by many of us around the world. As a genderfluid teen, it is very rare that I ever see my gender represented in the media. I doubt many even


Tips For Managing Dysphoria

Being transgender is different and unique for all of us. Some of us have experiences with gender dysphoria, a sense of distress when we feeling invalid in our gender (often in regard to the gender we were assigned at birth), while many of us don’t. We are just as valid whether or not dysphoria is something we come across in our lives. Dysphoria was never something I thought I would experience. While I knew on some level


Transphobia In The Gay Community And Why It Needs To Stop

The term ‘LGBT community’ didn’t come into popular circulation until the 1990s. Up until that point, everybody who fell under that umbrella would be referred to as a ‘part of the gay community’. It was, rightly, changed to be more inclusive. However, transgender people have always been the ‘black sheep’ of the community and this is something that desperately needs to change. 40% of transgender people have attempted to commit suicide.  That staggering figure is


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Speaks Over Transgender People In New Video

Note: While “transgender” is an umbrella term which includes trans men, trans women and people of non-binary genders, this article mainly focuses on transgender women as this is what is brought up in the interview. In a recent interview with Channel 4 News, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, accomplished Nigerian novelist and activist, explained why she believes the experiences of transgender people should not be equated with the experiences of cisgender people. However she does this in


Refusal to Recognize the Gender Non-Binary Can Be… Racist?

In the case of Two Spirit Indigenous North Americans, the intersection of gender and culture has historically been deeply intertwined. Native Americans believe in the existence of gender variant roles known as Two Spirit. Two Spirit people have long been regarded as gifted and respected above all others because they carried the spirits of both a male and female. Not to be mistaken with LGBT+identities (this identity is not interchangeable with LGBT+), Two Spirit, a


Why White Transgender Boys Need To Check Their Privilege

Photo//DailyMail Most people realise that the transgender community has a lot less privilege than everyone who is cisgender. However, people sometimes seem to forget that being transgender doesn’t get rid of other privileges. This is because a lack of cisgender privilege doesn’t automatically lead to a lack of white, straight, male and even passing privilege too. The transgender community (as well as the rest of the LGBTQ+ community) is almost always only ever portrayed as white people.

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