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Quoting John Lennon in Your Instagram Bio Isn’t Enough – Activism Through Social Media

In 2018, all the information in the world is at our fingertips. The news is a quick tap away, or even the flash of a notification; in an instant, millions of people know the most recent event or decision. With social media, millions have the opportunity to have an audience. Their audience may be their Grandma, or it may be 500,000 people that they have never met. There many benefits of social media in activism.


The Great Superwholock Vanishing Act

Superwholock. Four syllables, three fandoms, two dominating ships, and one all-around toxic community. A word that, to this day, can strike terror into any avid Internet-user’s heart. Superwholock, for the innocent, unknowing readers that have stumbled across this page, is a fan-proposed, three-way crossover between the CW’s Supernatural and the BBC’s reboots of Doctor Who and Sherlock. Supernatural tells the tale of two monster-hunting brothers; Doctor Who, a time-traveling alien; and Sherlock, a contemporary retelling

Real Life

Coffee: America’s Favorite Drug

While browsing through social media nowadays, one is almost sure to encounter the typical pictures portraying a study set of some sort. Any ad or invite is decorated with hipster-looking coffee mugs next to a small laptop and some stacks of paper. This portrays the modern image of how our lives are supposed to be: Filled with work and a cute little coffee mug at our side. The question is, why and when did coffee


An Open Letter to People Who Romanticize WOC In Edits

photo by @islandboiphotography on Instagram Dear People Who Make Edits Using WOC Models, Don’t think that by simply using WOC models and actresses in your edits, you are doing enough for them. Don’t mistake using girls who are thin, light-skinned, and Eurocentric in body/facial features for being diverse and sufficient representation for WOC , because they are only a small percentage of WOC. Remember to use WOC who have body hair, and thick, unplucked eyebrows,


An Article About the Bee Movie But Every Time You Read the Word ‘Bee’ It Gets Better

If you’re an avid Twitter/Tumblr member like I am (or if you use some sort of social media platform in general), you have probably seen the multitude of Bee Movie memes floating around, ranging from members posting the entire script of the movie in unique ways to the Bee Movie being replayed where it gets sped up when a word is spoken by a character or a scene is replaced with something entirely different. Some

Real Life

Why We Have No Motivation To Finish What We Started And How To Start

If you’re anything like me, you feel the need to take a 30-minute break scrolling through Twitter, Tumblr or treat yo-self with an old episode of Friends just because you completed entering your MLA header on what is supposed to be a 2000 word research report. We’ve all been there, done that, no shame at all, and no matter how relentless our internal nagging mom voice is in our heads, we continue to avoid the


Why The “Social Justice Warrior” And “Tumblr Feminist” Labels Are Toxic

I’ve been involved with activism for a few years now. I’ve worked for nonprofits, I was president of the feminist club at my high school and vice president of the Gay Straight Alliance, I’ve taken part in protests, rallies, and marches for various causes, and I’m never afraid to call someone out on their problematic behavior. All of this has been very personally rewarding, but of course I have had my fair share of “feminazi”

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A Battle with Body, A Battle with Mind

I used to live on the scale in my bathroom. Every morning, I’d cautiously balance myself upon it with one foot, trying to trick the needle into giving me the lowest number possible. I would alternate between tiptoeing on it and keeping my feet on the very edge, my heels still on the ground. I desperately wanted it to lie to me. And with terror, as the stress of my personal life waxed and waned,

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