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Libya Is Home To a Horrific Modern Day Slave Trade

A town in Libya seems perfectly ordinary. People work, children play, life goes on. But beneath the coat of normality, there are atrocities. In 2017, human beings are still being sold as slaves. A young man named Victory told CNN that he was sold at a slave auction. Four months and all of his money was spent in an attempt to reach Europe after fleeing Nigeria’s Edo State. He made it as far as Libya, where


Twitter Has Been Banning Alt-Right Users

Since about election time, Twitter has been suspending its alt-right users on the basis of spreading hateful conduct. The latest was @bakedalaska, a far-right troll who gained a substantial following during the 2016 presidential election. He used inflammatory language and exaggerated ideas to garner attention to himself, which eventually caught the attention of the Twitter staff, suspending him for violating Twitter’s conduct policies. The user was notorious for being a Nazi sympathizer and even said: “I have

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Social Media Isn’t The Problem — We Are

Nowadays, nearly everyone with a smart phone has a Snapchat. The social media forum has taken the app market by storm and is being used by parents and children alike. While the dog filter and face swap tool are seemingly innocent updates Snapchat has added to it’s arsenal, we can’t help but wonder whether Snapchat is putting its users in danger. During the summer of 2017, Snapchat released “Snap Map”, a feature where users could


Setsuko Thurlow, Survivor of the Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima, Will Be Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

Setsuko Thurlow was only 13 years old when she survived an atomic bombing in her city that would go down to become one of mass historical proportions. Since her survival, she has dedicated her time towards campaigning to prevent the use of nuclear weaponry. Her efforts will be honoured with a Nobel Peace Prize on December 10 in Olso, Norway which she will be collecting on behalf of The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN),


I Am Tired of Hearing “I Don’t See Color”

It seems that whenever someone profoundly says they “don’t see race”, it is supposed to resonate as an enlightened and noble thing. That it is supposed to act as a mere reflection of their mentality when it comes to people who come from different backgrounds. In a sense it is, right? Race is not a biological hysteria. It doesn’t determine the content of one’s character or how they treat others. With this being blatantly obvious,

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Selective Grieving and Its Prevalence in Society

Selective grieving is essentially the notion that some countries or certain types of people are favoured over others, so if an attack of a similar magnitude were to occur in two countries, the preferred country would receive more media attention and support while the other would be neglected and receive little to no media recognition at all. An example of this would be: the recent Las Vegas shooting received an exponential amount of media attention


Anti-Immigrant Extremists Strike Again: Austria’s Sebastian Kurz Set to Win Election

This week, Austrian voters took to the polls and chose between candidates from the many parties competing for a seat in Parliament. Between the three main parties, Austrians got to choose between the Social Democrats Party, a center-left coalition that focuses on more liberal economic and social policies, the People’s Party and the Freedom Party, which has known far-right and extremist elements. Despite the Social Democrats’ recent strides in maintaining equality and justice for Austrians throughout


Hogwarts Express Rescues Family Stranded in Scottish Highlands

Jon and Helen Cluett and their four young children were rowing across a remote bothy in Lochaber when they realized their canoe had been swept away by a river. Their boat was moored in a little burn behind the bothy, tied to a wall, and pulled high out of the water before the river snatched it away. “The burn was overflowing. The entire area was underwater. The rocks I’d tied to the boat were pulled


I Translated Trump’s Tweets So You Don’t Have To

Donald Trump is undoubtedly many things: a bigot, easily offended, a curious shade of orange, but he is perhaps most notably one thing: obsessed with Twitter. He speaks, and word goes out to 40.2 million people –excluding the followers I have a strong suspicion that he bought to seem more famous. But it’s common knowledge now that when Donald Trump says things, it’s most likely in a low-self esteem induced cry-scream session. You know, the


Former Presidents Team Up To Fundraise For Puerto Rico And the Virgin Islands While Trump Goes on Twitter Rants

Five former presidents have come together to include Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in their campaign “One America Appeal.” This campaign will allow people to donate to Unidos Por Puerto Rico and the Fund for the Virgin Islands. Both are 501(c)(3) organizations (nonprofit organizations that are exempt from taxes). Individuals can now donate to the Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The charity states that 100 percent of donations will go to

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