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Spoiler Alert: Women Don’t Dress for Male Consumption


With the recent famous celebrity breakups such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik, and Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, there have been pictures of those women dressing up and looking good, and the media portrays it as those women showing those men “what they’re missing.”

The idea that women dress up for other men has existed since the beginning of time. At an early age, young girls are actually taught to do this since it is so normalized in our society. Family and friends often say to young impressionable girls, “Don’t dye your hair that color, boys won’t like it,” or “That piercing will intimidate all of your boyfriends, you should take it out.” Men are also taught they have a big influence on women’s fashion/makeup/hair etc.

There are countless videos on YouTube of adolescent boys just talking about what they look for in girls and what they hate. Have they ever thought that girls don’t really care and want to dress however they like without being criticized? Women are pressured to look a certain way to look appealing to a man, and it is extremely sexist when a woman is dressing up and to have someone say, “What a pretty dress, who is that for?” It is definitely not a bad thing to dress up for someone, but people act the woman’s sole purpose for putting on that red dress and smoking out her eyes is to attract a man.

Women are immediately judged based off of their looks whether it’s just walking on the street, being in a classroom, a meeting at work, or shopping at the mall. Many men say that they prefer the “natural look” when they really don’t know what that means. Women without makeup are usually perceived as unprofessional, tired, and moody. Whilst wearing “too” much makeup, women are called promiscuous, easy, and are accused of lying about what they actually look like. The question you’re probably asking is, “Then why do women go through all of that effort to look presentable if some don’t care what others think?” The truth is, getting dolled up feels good. It’s an immediate confidence booster.

You feel better in pictures, looking in the mirror, and you don’t feel the need to hide your face while conversing in public. Some women choose to not wear makeup, and that’s perfectly fine as well. The feeling of a fresh face can give off the same confidence. Everyone is different, and people usually prefer one over the other. Women should be able to look the way they want without considering what a man or anybody else thinks.


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