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The “Gay Agenda” Doesn’t Exist; You’re Just Homophobic


Lately there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming film, Finding Dory, as we’ve been waiting for years for this exciting sequel. As we get closer and closer to its premier, we are learning more information about what the film will contain. It was recently discovered that the movie will feature a lesbian couple, and although we only know of them being in one scene, it has caused a negative uproar throughout social media. Everyone wants to pretend that they are a LGBT “ally” or “activist”, but do they really mean it? If something as simple as a cartoon lesbian couple bothers you or sends you into a rant on “the gay agenda”, you are not an ally.

With trends such as “Give Elsa a Girlfriend”, “Give Captain America a Boyfriend”, and now Pixar featuring a lesbian couple, people’s true, homophobic colors have really shown. The argument is always that children who see gay couples in television or movies will inevitably grow up to be gay. Children who grow up to identify as any other sexuality besides heterosexual have grown up with nothing but straight couples in the media, yet they still aren’t straight. With that mentality, children who grew up watching Beauty and the Beast would grow up to participate in bestiality and those who have watched The Bee Movie would fall in love with bees. Neither of those scenarios are logical, just as homosexuality in the media “turning kids gay” is not. The reason that heterosexuality is so normalized is because it is the only thing we see growing up, so we are taught that identifying as something else is “different” or “sinful”. From a young age, children should be taught that no matter what gender and sexuality they identify with, it is normal and it is okay. Seeing Captain America, someone they view as a hero, with a boyfriend, or seeing their favorite princess, Elsa, with a girlfriend is only a minor step to destigmatizing LGBT relationships in our society.

Children are not inherently homophobic; they learn it from their parents who learned it from their parents, so on and so forth. This generation uses multiple platforms to take a stand against issues such as this, and we are the ones who will make a difference. We to need begin teaching the upcoming generations that being gay, bi, ace, trans, etc. is normal and not something that they should be ashamed of. By having more LGBT couples in the media, we will not face problems such as the murders, suicides, or homelessness of LGBT youth. So yes, there is a lesbian couple in Finding Dory, but as much as you would like to believe it, there is no such thing as the “gay agenda”, you’re just homophobic.

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