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Being A Consumer:Know Who You Buy From

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If you are a makeup consumer or just so happen to watch makeup tutorials on Youtube, then you probably know who Jeffree Star is. If you do not know who Jeffree Star is, allow me to enlighten you: he is the white person in the picture above and is a very successful makeup artist best known for his self-titled cosmetics line and his Youtube account, which has roughly 1.75 million subscribers. His talent and his line of quality products have led to his large following. Most people would think that someone with such an audience would be extremely professional and try to watch what they say. What many people do not know is that he has a history of being extremely racist and transphobic, and there is an abundance of proof that shows it.

(TW// racism and transphobia)
In this video, Jeffree and his friend are mocking black women. Jeffree says several disturbing things in this video, like “two negroes and a tranny hoe”. He also jokes about throwing battery acid on black women to lighten their skin so that they will finally find a foundation match. The whole video is entirely ignorant and disgusting. 

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Above is an actual tweet from Jeffree Star (who is a cisgender man) threatening to beat women to the ground.
Jeffree has joked about rape and used transphobic slurs repeatedly as well. Below are some that he has tweeted. 

image 16  image 17 image 18 image 19

Jeffree has tried his best to avoid talking about all the awful things he has said, but this will most likely follow him throughout his entire career. What kind of professional business man carries himself like this? What kind of decent human being says things like this? Modeling next to black women will not automatically erase his behavior from our minds, and it is more offensive to use us as props to cover up his behind rather than actually taking the time to apologize and better himself. 

Even recently, he went on a rant after Youtuber Rocky Roadkill reviewed his highlighter and said it broke. Instead of handling it professionally, Jeffree went on a rant. 

To all the people of color and transgender readers who have endorsed Jeffree or watch him on Youtube: I know it is difficult to find something that is entirely accepting. The makeup industry is no exception, and this has been made obvious countless of times, with many companies releasing foundation ranges with fifty shades of white and two light brown colors. This is why it is crucial to know who you are buying from. As a minority consumer, giving money to a brand that is run by people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableistic, etc. only worsens the problem, because this gives them the impression that what they do is okay, and as long as they continuously release great products, nobody will confront them.

Make sure you always conduct research before you consider buying a product. Search for the company, the CEO, and any dirt that they may have. These companies will not use us like blind sheep anymore. Take action and spread awareness, so that we can bring people like Jeffree Star down and support companies that are accepting of all walks of life.

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