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Four Cruelty-Free + Natural Beauty Companies You Will Love


Our media has an overload of advertisements for brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal, so it can be immensely difficult to find independent beauty companies that manufacture their products in safe and ethical methods. Whether we desire to find a cruelty-free blush or a cleanser that only contains natural ingredients, sometimes we are out of luck when breezing through the aisles of local drug stores. But in the last few years there has been a renaissance in the beauty and skin care universe with lots of men and women seeking products that go against the harsh and unsafe chemicals that are unfortunately in many products. This article will introduce (or reintroduce) you to a variety of different companies that not only benefit your skin, but bring positive effects to the world in general.

Known for its distinct, pale pink aesthetic, Glossier is a makeup and skin care line created by Emily Weiss, who has been running the blog Into the Gloss since 2010, along with other editors who have an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to anything beauty related. The brand takes pride in the importance of allowing your skin to breathe, but also in the fun and playfulness with experimenting in makeup. With their collection of uncomplicated staples for your makeup cabinet to skin care products that will satisfy your face with a natural glow, it’s a line worth supporting and investing in.
This brand has its roots in the media company Milk Studios, which “stands at the crossroads of the fashion, music and film worlds”.  Always one to encourage the minds of new and innovative talents, they transitioned this message into their makeup line with almost each product being one with multiple uses. They have a minimal yet unique selection of everything from lip colours to skin tints to highlighters, so keep an eye out for their products when you want to update your makeup collection with cruelty free editions.
If your goal is to avoid products that have an insane amount of chemicals that are only damaging the environment and your skin, Fig + Yarrow is the company to depend on. From the way they responsibly source their ingredients to the utter quality within each product they produce, it’s an organic and artisanal line of stunning body oils, scrubs, masks, facial serums and more.
Natural and organic makeup has gained a reputation of not having a high amount of pigment, but the company RMS Beauty proves that this stereotype is false. With a wide range of eye shadows, lip shines and nail polishes, Rose-Marie Swift created a line of products that stem from her experience working with members of the fashion and beauty industry. Their method of production is one that challenges those that are made in fast and unsafe conditions; RMS Beauty makes sure that all of the healing enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins in each product remain intact, which are usually removed in most factories.
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